What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu



Coffee with almond milk (my daily ritual).


FullSizeRender (6)

Smoothie for breakfast…

FullSizeRender (5)

Made with:

  • Tart cherry juice
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen chard
  • Frozen red cabbage
  • Prickly pear extract
  • Bob’s Lavender Bitters
  • Flax seed oil
  • Chia seeds

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Lunch at work was vegan sushi from Whole Foods (made with purple sweet potato, avocado and green beans, served with some sort of creamy sauce, wasabi and soy sauce). I treated myself to some mid-day chocolate as well.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu



If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that last week, I had to get stitches on the bottom of my foot. Unfortunately, that means I’ve been mostly out of commission for about 7 days now. Here is a look at a Monday, the week before that accident happened:


Exercise: I had amped up my runs… which for me, at this point, just meant doing two miles regularly, including hills. Sadly, by the time I will now be able to run again, I am guessing that most of my training progress will be lost. Good thing I hadn’t truly started a marathon training plan yet! I plan to start that August 1.

WIAW Honolulu

Breakfast: quinoa porridge made with almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, peanut butter and raisins. SO GOOD!

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Lunch: I ate random stuff for lunch at work: a macaroon granola bar (I found these at Costco and they’re really good!), mini yakko, homemade chia seed pudding, and a peach Chobani Greek yogurt. This was actually all very satisfying, even though it was just snacks, not a real meal.

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Lunch at Terrace Pointe Cafe, Wynn Las Vegas

I’ve stayed at Wynn Las Vegas twice; once for my 21st birthday celebration vacation (yeah… it seemed really important at the time!) and once for a work trip when I was working in Public Relations.

Terrace Pointe Cafe The Wynn Las Vegas

I think I had the same room both times. But the first time, there were three of us, and the second, I had it all to myself. It was a wonderful way to work, I must say.


One day I had lunch with my boss in between events in one of the hotel’s restaurants: Terrace Pointe Cafe. It is one of their more casual spaces and serves breakfast, lunch and brunch. It features bright, cheery decor and views of the pool (but it’s inside).

I ordered the Asian Chicken Salad: Napa cabbage, carrots, daikon, bean sprouts, mandarin oranges, watercress, snap peas, toasted almonds, crispy wontons, sesame dressing. It was a stereotypical “Asian salad” in that the chef unabashedly threw ingredients that sound Asian but are familiar to Americans into one pile (do you think anyone in Asia has ever eaten this? I don’t). However, it was perfectly balanced and honestly quite delicious. I liked how it was almost like a crunchy, salty-sweet coleslaw. At $17 it was a bit pricey, but everything is in hotels and in Las Vegas when you’re on the strip. And, I didn’t mind since work was paying!

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The WIAW That Never Was: New York


I will admit it: I am being totally lazy with this post. Today features a whole bunch of photos of food that I never got around to including in my WIAW’s when I lived in New York. Some of these photos were taken with the intention of being featured in a WIAW post, but others are just one-off food photos that I felt were good enough to share, but don’t fit with any particular post. So, with no further comment, enjoy. If you have a question about a photo, leave it in the comments!


WIAW NYCIMG_3107   IMG_4543IMG_3133


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What I Ate Wednesday: Skin Detox Diet



Today is a special edition of WIAW: Day 1 of my Skin Detox Diet.


I am working on a review of a cookbook titled, 28 Days to Younger Skin. Look for the full review soon… I will not be participating in the full 28-day plan for various reasons that I will explain in that forthcoming post, but I did decide to do the first three days, which is a detox diet. Here’s what Day 1 (Monday) looked like:


First up: two morning beverages. The first:

  • 2 cups cold water
  • 2 tsp. flax-seed oil
  • bunch of fresh mint
  • slice fresh ginger

Blend, enjoy (serves two). This did not taste as bad as I expected, at all! I actually kind of liked it, even though usually flax-seed oil tastes strong and unpleasant.

FullSizeRender (2)

Second beverage: green juice while I read up on the diet and the philosophy and science behind it. This makes 4 servings:

  • 3 green apples
  • 1 small beet
  • 1 stalk celery (a whole celery plant like you buy in the store, not 1 rib)
  • bunch kale
  • fresh ginger
  • mint
  • sprouts of choice (we used radish)

This also tasted pretty good.

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