Boardwalk Fries, Bethany Beach

Boardwalk Fries Bethany Beach Delaware

Exactly one year ago today, Mikayla and I spent ten hours in the car, in horrible rain and traffic, driving to Delaware from NYC (read about the entire fiasco here). Luckily, Delaware was a really fun time and the weather was nice the whole rest of the long weekend.


One day we drove from Rehoboth, where we were staying, down to Bethany Beach. It’s a similar set up and boardwalk, but smaller than Rehoboth and hence fewer food options are available. We lounged on the beach for a bit and when we became hungry, we decided to try food from Boardwalk Fries; long lines usually mean the food is good!


We brought our food to a small seating area on the boardwalk; the sun was blaring and it was so hot! Note how there is literally not one cloud in the sky.


In case you couldn’t guess from the name, let me just clarify that most items sold at Boardwalk Fries are fried. I ordered chicken strips and we split deep-fried pickles, which came with some sort of tangy dipping-sauce. Chicken strips are chicken strips, and these were good, just like any others I’ve had.


The fried pickles were actually delicious! I think it was from the spicy/tangy sauce and whatever they used in the crunchy batter (I think it was dill). Yum! I would totally order these again.


Unfortunately, Mik wasn’t impressed with what she ordered: a sausage sandwich with peppers and onions. I have to agree, it doesn’t look appealing. I think once you try to order real food from a place that specializes in French fries, you’re bound to be disappointed. Stick with the fried food!


At least we were at the beach and it was gorgeous out, so we couldn’t complain too much. But we sure as hell were craving salads and smoothies later!


Boardwalk Fries

Location: Bethany Beach Boardwalk Bethany Beach, DE 

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