Dinner at Snowdonia, Astoria

dinner at Snowdonia

I’ve been to Snowdonia arguably more than any other restaurant in Astoria (the other top contender is The Strand). Not only is it literally down the street from my apartment, but it’s small and cozy, has a great upbeat yet laid back ambiance (snow/ski-themed, in case you couldn’t guess), and great food. A true gastropub, it offers great food alongside a nice long beer and cider list, which includes everything from local Astoria options to common cans to a pumpkin-spice beer rimmed with sugar (offered this past Fall).


No trip to Snowdonia is complete without a side order of the addicting, thin fries, which come with a curried ketchup that makes me nostalgic for Germany’s currywurst.


Kiyo has ordered the pan-roasted organic half chicken (served with seasonal vegetables and pan sauce) multiple times, it’s so juicy and flavorful. I always have to steal a few bites.


My favorite item is the Pub Salad, which is only $8 and truly satisfies. Reminiscent of coleslaw, hearty vegetables such as celery, carrots and cabbage mingle with beer nuts, bright, fresh herbs, Pecorino Romano cheese and cider-mustard dressing. It’s not massive, and is listed as a bar food / appetizer, but I like to order it as an entrée and it’s hearty enough to feel like a full meal. 



A cute touch: your bill comes clipped to an old paperback book. For Astoria, the prices aren’t as low as you might expect, but they’re also not too steep. My friends have had somewhat mixed reviews; many love it, but a few were underwhelmed. I might be biased since it’s in my hood, but I love this place; the vibe, the food, the size and the location.


We’ve also enjoyed their fish & chips, the super juicy burger, and a pasta special they once offered (although they didn’t have cheese to top it off, which was odd and irked one of our companions). I want to try their dessert sometime soon (mmm, sticky toffee bread pudding!), as well as their brunch menu, which I have yet to try.


Location: 3455 32nd St Astoria, NY 

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