Lunch at Duckfat, Portland

Duck Fat restaurant Portland Maine

The weather in NYC has been jumping around from sunny and 70-degrees, to windy and under-30 degrees, and I know I’m not alone when I say STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS AND GET ON WITH SUMMER!

With May less than two weeks away (where did April go!?) my friends and I are all FINALLY getting down to serious summer-planning business. Last summer we had the most magical weekend in Maine, so that’s highest on all our to-do lists. We stayed in our friend’s family’s summer-house, which is secluded on its own little island, complete with a hammock, tree-house, kayaks and flat rocks perfect for outdoor cooking and sunset-admiring. We arrived late on a Friday night and spent all of Saturday sprinting around on the dinghy, drinking boxed wine straight from the bag (see above), eating lobster rolls, saltwater taffy and fudge, swimming in the chilly water, and just generally enjoying the summer, the sun and each other’s company.


We had to leave all too soon, the next afternoon, in order to get back to NYC in time for work Monday morning (we got in around 1 or 2 AM Sunday night, after a ten-hour drive, and I was at work by 9 AM Monday morning, but it was totally worth it!).

On our way out of Maine that Sunday, Maggie, our friend Tanner and I stopped in Portland for lunch at a restaurant I’d heard about (we’d already been on the windy roads for an hour by then): Duckfat.


Duckfat is a small restaurant that calls itself a “sandwich shop” but serves much more than that: soups, salads, milkshakes, donuts, craft beverages and duck-fat-fried-French-fries, all made with locally sourced ingredients. They even make their own craft sodas, which I always love since I don’t really drink the artificial variety. I had the “All Maine Tonic,” with honey, maple, raw cider vinegar and chaga (keep reading to see more of their original beverages).


Of course, our mouths were already watering just looking at the menu. Maggie and I decided to split two panini; here is the first.


It’s difficult to remember what we had exactly, since this was last August, but I can assure you everything we ate at this meal was delicious. You can take a look at a sample menu of theirs here.


We had to try the fries, and yes, they were as good as they look / sound.


Maggie fueled up on strong coffee for the long drive ahead.


Even though I was already stuffed, I took a buttermilk blueberry milkshake for the road; how could I resist?! It was just perfectly sweet from the berries and tangy from the milk. The other flavors were appealing as well: burnt Maine honey, sea salt caramel, spicy chai tea bourbon, strawberry with Thai long pepper. I need to come back just to try these!


I was so impressed by their original ideas, I had to snap a few menu shots to remember the details. Nothing seemed contrived, even though it was so unique.


Duck Fat

Open: Sunday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday – Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Location: 43 Middle St. PortlandME 04101 Phone: (207) 774-8080 

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