Brunch at Mother’s, Portland

Brunch at Mother's Portland

When my mom and I were recently in Oregon for a few days, we were referred by a Hawaii friend, relocated to Portland, that we should try the Sunday brunch at Mother’s. Warning: there’s a LONG wait on the weekends (we went on a Sunday). Luckily, you can sip mimosas or Bloody Marys at the bar while you wait, but there isn’t much room because it’s so busy. When we were finally seated, my mom and I each ordered a hot chocolate, which was good, but nothing incredible (although I did appreciate the chocolate shavings on top).


I ordered a special: gingerbread pancakes with breakfast sausage. This was my favorite out of everything we ordered (yes, we ordered way too much). It was really simple and well-executed but a little out of the ordinary.


We shared the soup of the day: potato. It was cold and gray out so this seemed fitting. It was really thick, not terribly smooth but fine.


My mom had the migas (eggs, corn tortillas, jack cheese, onions and peppers, chipotle sour cream, salsa and green onions) served with home fries and toast (picture below). We also shared a side of macaroni & cheese with broccoli, because it sounded good and it was the last day of our vacation, so why not? As with the soup, it was good but really not great. Overall, that’s how I’d describe the food here (my mom agreed). The ambiance, however, it fantastic. It’s bustling, and you can tell everyone is having a great time with people they care about. There’s funky colorful wallpaper and chandeliers dotting the ceiling; it’s like you’re at a friend’s house, a friend who has a very funky mother.


Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Location: 212 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97204 Phone:(503) 464-1122

Mother's Bistro & Bar on Urbanspoon

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