Dinner at Junoon, New York

dinner at Junoon New York

Tonight Kiyo is taking me out for a belated birthday dinner (the restaurant is a surprise!) so I thought I would share another fancy New York dinner we’ve enjoyed together. We had heard great things about the Indian restaurant Junoon in Chelsea, so when we saw a deal for it on Groupon we bought it right away.


Unfortunately, I believe this was now over a year ago so I can’t quite remember the details; however, I do remember that it is a huge place, and would be great to bring a large group for a nice dinner. The decor is very dramatic and Indian-inspired, of course, with modern flare. The lighting is very low and accentuated with candles. We sat on a low couch and cushions and enjoyed our meal on a coffee table, which was fun and unique. Even though the place was obviously refined, the setting gave it a more relaxed vibe and it wasn’t stuffy at all.


Two things I remember that I absolutely loved were this cauliflower appetizer and the pickled onions (in the top picture). The cauliflower was so smoked and meaty it didn’t even seem vegetarian. The sauce was spicy and tangy and I would love to eat this again.


The food came out thoughtfully plated and expertly prepared, and was very traditional in terms of flavor and actual dishes, while a bit more modern in execution and presentation.


We of course had to get some curry…


as I said, I can’t remember details but I remember we thoroughly enjoyed it all.


Our deal included dessert, which we usually opt out of. Kiyo had some sort of fruity ice cream dish and I had a date or maybe fig cake, that was very sweet but small and not over done (below).



Address: 27 W 24th St, New York, NY 10010 Phone: (212) 490-2100

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