Napoli Pizza, Astoria

Pizza Napoleon Astoria

On 35th Avenue, a couple of streets down from our apartment in Astoria, is our quick-pizza-slice-to-go place of choice, Napoli Pizza. It’s actually called Napoli Pizza and Pasta and in the back, there’s a small dining room where you can order heaping bowls of what looks like delicious pasta and other Italian comfort foods. Kiyo and I really want to try the rest of their menu but so far, we’ve only grabbed slices to go.


They usually have up to ten different delicious-looking varieties to choose from, so picking just one or two is always a challenge.


A couple good slices we’ve had are lasagna (on the right), buffalo chicken (top), BBQ (in the picture below) and pepperoni sausage. Even the plain slices are good though, and I don’t normally say that about pizza; but they use really tasty cheese and a sprinkle of herbs.


When our friend Kyley came to visit we brought her here and her NYC pizza craving was completely satisfied.



Napoli Pizza & Pasta

Open: Everyday, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. 

Location: 3302 35th Ave Astoria, NY 11106 Phone: (718) 472-1146

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