Dinner at Waverly Diner, New York

Waverly Diner Exterior

Even though it’s a family holiday and an American tradition, I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving since 2007. Last year, Kiyo and I ditched the cold and escaped to Jamaica for an amazing long weekend. The year before that, we both stayed in Saratoga, bundled up in his big house vacated by his roommates for the holiday, and cooked ourselves a mini-feast. The year before that, a friend and I drove to Connecticut to have Thanksgiving dinner with Maggie and her family (and we stopped to visit my grandmother in Rhode Island on the way). The year before that, I was in Minnesota with my mom’s family, and before that, I went to New Jersey with my roommate.

I guess you could say that my Thanksgiving tradition has become to not go home for it. This year I wanted to, and even had my ticket to Hawaii booked, but work was too crazy to make it. So Kiyo and I decided to go to a city nearby that we’ve heard great things about and have been meaning to explore: Toronto. I know, it’s not even in America, which makes us very unpatriotic. But last year we were in Jamaica, another foreign country, so it’s not the first time.

Waverly Diner Salad

Since we didn’t want to miss out on the feasting and family time, when my dad was in New York last week we decided to go to dinner with him at a diner and order a Thanksgiving plate. It began with a small salad with neon dressing, that we each took a few bites of.

Patty Melt Waverly Diner

We ordered two plates to share between the three of us, the first being a cheeseburger with onion rings on top and french fries, coleslaw and a pickle on the side. This was great, traditional American diner food and we enjoyed it. What’s more American than processed cheese, am I right?

Thankgiving Diner Plate

Unfortunately, this is the only picture we got of our turkey plate, which came with canned cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, canned corn, and mashed potatoes. The turkey was fine, as was the gravy. We knew what to expect with canned cranberry sauce and corn, and to be honest, I like those things. The stuffing wasn’t good, sadly. Diner food can’t be compared to a gourmet meal, so we weren’t expecting anything incredible, but this also definitely didn’t compare to a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner…

Dinner at Waverly Diner

But I was able to spend a great evening with my dad, and that’s all that really matters. I hope all of you back home in the US are having an amazing Thanksgiving!

Waverly Diner

Location: 385 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10014 Phone: (212) 675-3181

Waverly Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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