8th Street Steakhouse, Steamboat Springs

8th Street Steakhouse Steamboat Springs

When Chelsea let a bunch of us crash her family’s condo in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a snowboarding weekend early January 2011, none of us knew what to expect. I had only been snowboarding once before (on a rainy, cold day at Okemo), Kiyo could ski but not snowboard, and neither of us had been to Colorado before. We met up with our friends from Hawaii who go to school in Colorado and had an amazing time snowboarding (Kiyo reverted back to skis after one frustrating morning on a snowboard). When Chelsea brought us to 8th Street Steakhouse for dinner one night, we similarly had no idea what to expect.


The place was warm and cozy, with a Western ambiance and taxidermy animals snarling silently from various perches. What’s truly unique about the restaurant, however, is that it takes “experiential” to a whole new level. Patrons first select their protein (the restaurant exclusively serves 100% certified Angus Beef, specializing in Buffalo, Bone-In Ribeyes, USDA Prime Grade NY Strips, and Kobe Beef – vegetarians beware). Next, the meat is handed over to you, and you cook it yourself over a 500-degree lava rock grill! It’s at once perplexing and intriguing. On the one hand, it’s fun to cook for yourself in a restaurant, and on a grill inside no less, but on the other hand, what are you paying for if you have to do all the work? You can see in the picture that Chelsea was having a great time with it, but Kiyo was either too hungry to find it amusing or was judging her heavy-handed seasoning (they provide a bunch of spices, sauces, salts and peppers to choose from).


With the steaks (starting at $15.95) and all entrees, unlimited salad bar and Texas toast is included. Sides are available to order for the table, such as onion rings, sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes, etc.

8th Street Steakhouse

Location: 50 8th St, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Phone:(970) 879-3131

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