Sunday Brunch at Mezze Place, Astoria

Mezze Place Falafel Wrap

Ever since Kiyo and I went there for dinner, I have been obsessed with Mezze Place, a tiny, modern Mediterranean restaurant off of bustling Broadway in Astoria. Later I will post about their dinner (which includes a beet / halloumi / arugula / quinoa salad that I can’t stop craving). We began with an espresso each, and then turned our attention to the food. There were so many great brunch options but I finally settled on the homemade falafel wrap, with chopped salad, tahini and pickles wrapped in an Israeli laffa bread (like a slightly thicker wrap) served with French fries or salad. The falafel was incredibly soft and fresh, and the fried aspect was balanced well with the pickles, fresh vegetables, and slightly sour tahini. I could only eat half of it, but it was amazing and I was happy to dig in for round two later.

Mezze Place Brunch Astoria

Kiyo went super healthy and ordered the  Mezze Place Chopped Salad: tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion, scallion, romaine lettuce, parsley, mint, cilantro and Nazareth tahini dressing. Everything was super fresh; the cucumbers were crunchy, the tahini dressing was tangy and the fresh herbs added a great dimension. This would be a fantastic side dish for any meal, but he enjoyed it as an entrée as well.

It’s so refreshing to find a place for brunch that makes your mouth water but isn’t exorbitantly calorie and grease-laden. If you want something delicious and healthy, try Mezze Place as soon as you get the chance.

Mezze Place

Location: 31-18 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106 Phone:(718) 777-2829

Mezze Place on Urbanspoon

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