Brunch at Ebb Tide, Boothbay Harbor

Southport Maine

I’m lucky to have friends with homes (or summer homes) in nice places; this summer I visited friends at their houses in Martha’s Vineyard, Mystic Connecticut, The Hamptons, and Southport, Maine. This is the dock off of my friend Charly’s private island in Southport. Yes, his family owns an adorable summer house on its own island – accessible only by boat – in Maine. His relatives bought it ages ago and wisely kept it in the family. We were so lucky to be able to enjoy it as well!


We’d all ditched our cars in a grassy nook near the dock. That Sunday, we drove over to Boothbay Harbor, which we’d actually boated to the day before; this time we were too hungry for that longer route.

Brunch in Maine Diner

Ebb Tide Restaurant is a classic American diner that opened over 20 years ago. Despite not having a website and not offering anything remarkable or unique, it has thrived all these years due to its friendly staff and simple but satisfying American comfort food. I ordered two eggs over easy with breakfast sausage and a toasted biscuit – they fried it up right on the griddle and with some butter, it hit the spot. I’m getting hungry for this meal again just writing this!


Maggie had eggs with home fries and sausage as well. We were both very pleased with our meals; there was nothing elegant about them, but they were done well.


We also split a bowl of peaches and cream. My one complaint is that they were canned peaches, but that’s what I expected. They were still delicious and with the whipped cream, made a great sweet ending to our meal.

Diner Breakfast Southport Maine

Ebb Tide Restaurant

Location: 43 Commercial St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538 Phone: (207) 633-5692

Ebb Tide Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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