Brunch at Sparrow Tavern, Astoria

Brunch at Sparrow Tavern Astoria

In early July a bunch of friends – Chelsea, Maggie, Kyley and more – and I went to brunch at Sparrow Tavern, a bar in Astoria that shockingly also serves great food. When I heard they had good brunch I was quite skeptical but I’m glad we didn’t let the appearance of the place (dark, just what you think of when you hear “tavern”) dissuade us. I ordered the fried egg and brie breakfast sandwich with speck. It came with a side salad, which was perfect (home fries were also an option). The sandwich was on great bread and overall it was unique and delicious (I added some hot sauce).

Pre color mob Brooklyn

After brunch we all headed to the Color Mob 5K in Brooklyn! This is us before all the action…

Running the color mob 5K

It was SO HOT and the run was on what appeared to be an old plane runway, which meant that the heat radiated off the cement.

Jumping pic from the color mob 5K

There were stations along the way with huge speakers blasting dance music, and buckets of colored powder! This was us towards the middle / end of the run. The run culminated with a big dance party at the finish line. It was so much fun, I would definitely do another one!

Color run 5K red powder

The Sparrow Tavern

Location: 24-01 29th St, Astoria, NY 11102 Phone:(718) 606-2260

The Sparrow Tavern on Urbanspoon

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