Sunday Brunch at Five Points, New York

Caprese Bloody Mary at Five Points

Zan told me brunch at Five Points is really good, so a few weekends ago a group of friends and I went to celebrate the end of Chelsea’s summer semester. Owned by the same people as 10th Avenue Cook Shop, which I loved when I went with my dad, the restaurant is bustling, cozy and well-lit (we sat directly under a skylight, which is extremely rare for any ground-floor room in NYC).

One of the reasons I chose this restaurant is that they serve pitchers of brunch cocktails, which is genius. For example, a pitcher of “Morning Juice” contains citrus and cranberry juices, tequila and vodka. Any establishment that dubs such a concoction as “for the morning” is a place you should be brunching on the regular. The girls at our table all split a pitcher of the delightfully unique and delicious caprese bloody Mary (oregano-infused vodka and bloody Mary mix garnished with mozzarella and basil). The boys ordered individual fruity cocktails (I’m not joking) but they made up for this slip-up in macho integrity by each ordering a big plate of meat- the burger (which was incredible, they reported).

Sausage eggs Benedict at Five Points NYC

My dish of choice was the eggs Benedict, which came on a biscuit (I’m a huge fan of English muffins, but biscuits always win over other bread-forms, in my book) and with breakfast sausage instead of the usual Canadian bacon. The Hollandaise sauce was very good, and there was just enough slightly dressed lettuce on the side to balance it all out. I loved having breakfast sausage, which is incredibly flavorful, rather than Canadian bacon (aka HAM…. do they call it ham or bacon in Canada? Anyone?). If you get the chance, brunch here! I know I’ll be back.

Five Points
Location: 31 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012 Phone: (212) 253-5700

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