Jalapeño Poppers, Menemsha

MV Food Stand Menemsha

Our friend Tye (shown in the above picture) took Chelsea, Maggie and me to The Bite for an afternoon snack when we were in Martha’s Vineyard this June.

The Bite Menemsha Menu

An extremely small operation, The Bite serves “classic New England take-out,” mainly seafood.

Beach in Menemsha

Chelsea bought a lobster nearby, so she didn’t get anything. Maggie already had a clam chowder from nearby, and I’d already eaten an ice cream cone (typical) so only Tye bought something. We took it all to the beach right next door.

The Bite Menemsha Jalapeno Poppers

Tye had ordered jalapeño poppers, and I was actually quite excited to steal one from him because I’d never had one before. I’m not quite sure how that happened, because I am a huge fan of cheese, spicy foods and fried food. When I bit into one it was slightly spicy, very rich and creamy, and crisp. I’m sure I could have eaten an order myself but it was probably for the best that I just had one.

Jalapeno Popper Martha's Vineyard

The Bite Menemsha

The Bite

Location: 29 Basin Rd, Menemsha, MA 02552 Phone: (508) 645-9239

The Bite on Urbanspoon

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