Brunch at State Road, West Tisbury

State Road Breakfast West Tisbury

When Maggie, Chelsea and I went to stay with Zan’s parents on the Vineyard in June (sans Zan), she insisted we visit the restaurant she worked at last summer: State Road. Located in a gorgeous old farm-house and surrounded by a carefully tended garden from which many ingredients are picked, the ambiance is very laid back but also polished. There are large windows so that the light can spill in, but the interior is actually quite cool and dark, like a tavern.

State Road Latte


I began with a latte, which I think everyone else at the table coveted as they drank their regular coffees. It was super frothy and I added a bit of stevia to sweeten it.

State Road Chicken Confit Hash

The “Sunday Hash” that week was chicken confit, which I’d never had, but I love hash so I decided to try it. It came with two eggs any style (fried for me, please), arugula and State Road multi-grain toast with preserves. Chicken confit hash is a wonderful idea, and I loved it. Confit means that the chicken was cooked in its own fat, and the extra flavor was soaked up by the potatoes and sweet potatoes. The toast was very thick and dense, so I shared some of mine with Maggie. The preserves were actually savory, and delicious although understated. I couldn’t quite tell what they were made of, but they were almost like a subdued mustard. Everything tasted fresh and healthy. Even though I had confit, this meal left me feeling full and satisfied, but not weighted down.

State Road Mushroom Special

Maggie had a mushroom and asparagus special, which came with two poached eggs and salad. Everyone loved their food, the waitress was friendly and the ambiance was great. A big thank you to Zan’s parents, who treated us! Zan was definitely lucky to work here last summer – and to be able to eat here every week!

State Road

Open: Monday – Sunday 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.,Tuesday – Sun 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Location: 688 State Road, West Tisbury, MA 02575 Phone: (508) 693-8582

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