Rizzo’s Pizza, Astoria

Rizzo's Pizza Astoria

On our way out of Astoria, Kiyo and I were too hungry to start the drive to Atlantic City so we stopped in Astoria for a very quick bite. We’d heard very good things about Rizzo’s, and since it was on the way, that’s where we decided to stop. We each got two slices, since we were starving. I asked the girl behind the counter what the toppings were, and she looked at me like I was crazy. Then she told me what was on them and I ordered the pesto and the spinach ricotta. However, the girl who worked there failed to tell me the pizza had mushrooms, which I hate!! This is why I asked, and it proved that I am not crazy (and she’s not good at her job). That was strike two for me, and the fact that the pizza crust was so crispy that it was more like a cracker, was strike three. I definitely wouldn’t come back here; I like a good, chewy crust that you can actually eat. To be fair, I will let you know that Kiyo thought it was better than the standard pizza you can find anywhere in New York, but I disagree. It wasn’t horrible (I did eat both pieces), but it certainly wasn’t great.

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza

Location: 3013 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11103 Phone: (718) 721-9862

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