Brunch at Spring Street Natural, New York

Spring Street Natural NYC Kale Salad

I’d heard good things about Spring Street Natural, which I’d passed by after brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda. One Saturday Kiyo and I met up with some friends (Chelsea, Flavia and Mikayla) for brunch at the “healthy” restaurant. Mikayla and I split two dishes. The first was the Tuscan kale salad: chick peas, avocado, apricots, roasted hazelnuts, pecorino romano and lemon-olive oil vinaigrette. I loved how heavy-handed they were with all the toppings. The kale was perfectly crispy without being too crunchy or bitter and the lemon balanced it out nicely. The salty cheese contrasted the very sweet apricots and the roasted hazelnuts met in the middle of these two opposing flavors. We ate every last bite.

Brunch at Spring Street Natural

We also had the eggs Benedict with asparagus and a side of apple wood smoked bacon, because how can you not have breakfast meat at brunch? The bacon was delicious (I think Mikayla said this out loud at least twice) and the eggs Benedict was good as well, although there was nothing new or particularly memorable about it. I loved the soft, stringy french fries and the ketchup was definitely homemade. This is a brunch place I wouldn’t mind revisiting!

Spring Street Natural

Location: 62 Spring St. New York, NY 10012 Phone: (212) 966-0290

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