Brunch at Calexico, Brooklyn

Calexico NY Brisket Breakfast

One morning when Kiyo I showed up at Five Leaves for brunch, I was crushed to hear the wait would be over an hour. We were starving and definitely too impatient to wait, so we walked down the block to Calexico, a Mexi-Cali spot that began as a food truck and now has several brick-and-mortar locations. Even after ordering, I was still pouting that we couldn’t be eating at Five Leaves (at this point I had never been there so it was especially disappointing); but as soon as my dish was placed in front of me I took one bite and was happy again. I’d ordered the brisket hash with two fried eggs and toast. The eggs were sprinkled with fresh herbs and salsa, making the dish surprisingly light. At first I was confused and a bit let down that the hash didn’t contain potatoes, only meat. I actually am still a bit confused about that; did they really just forget the potatoes? Normally in that situation I would have asked our server what the deal was, but the meat was so flavorful and delicious that I didn’t even care about the potatoes and quickly just ate the whole plate.


Location: 645 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 Phone: (347) 763-2129

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