City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate & Cookie, New York

City Bakery NYC hot chocolate & cookie

I’m almost finished reading the hilarious book The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – and Perplexing – City by David Lebovitz and this morning on the subway I read this paragraph:

“If you don’t know City Bakery, the place just screams Manhattan and is busier than Grand Central Station. Most make a beeline for the thick hot chocolate with a plush homemade marshmallow melting on top, or one of the frisbee-sized chocolate chip cookies. As arduous as it sounds, some people manage to down both.”

City Bakery Interior

Well, I guess I’m “some people.” Before I ever read this book, I visited City Bakery to try its famous hot chocolate and yes, I also arduously ate a chocolate chip cookie. David Lebovitz already described the ambiance perfectly, so all I’ll add is: go sit on the top-level and look down over the action while you sip your rich, warm chocolate. The hot chocolate is so thick, it’s more like soup. The marshmallow is a sugary, sticky mess that melts into the chocolate and becomes more reminiscent of a thick liquid as well. This hot chocolate, ladled out of a giant tub, is definitely the best I’ve ever had, and after drinking just one small cup, I was in a complete daze. I’m sure the super soft, large chocolate chip cookie (which was also incredible) didn’t help. If you love chocolate, City Bakery is a must-visit destination.

City Bakery

Location: 3 West 18th St. New York, NY 10011 Phone: (212) 366-1414

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