Lunch at The Whole Ox, Honolulu

Blue Ferrari Honolulu

One sunny winter day in Hawaii, my dad pulled his Ferrari out of our driveway and invited me out for a drive and some lunch. How could I resist?

Whole Ox Hawaii Menu

We sped off to The Whole Ox, a wonderful little butcher / lunch place that opened not terribly long ago in Kaka’ako. The chef is from the mainland, and you can tell by looking at his menu (which changes constantly).

The Whole Ox Honolulu Sides

Even though we arrived at a normal time for lunch, many items were already sold out (we’re told this happens often). We were lucky enough to snag two side dishes: potato salad (it was so, so delicious, I could have eaten so much more of it!) and a watermelon and cherry tomato salad, which was the perfect light accompaniment for a hearty lunch. They also serve glass-bottled sodas, which I am a fan of.

The Whole Ox Pulled Pork Sandwich

My dad ordered the smoked pork sandwich with cucumber, and it was very simple again, but tasty. My only complaint is I would have loved some extra sauce on it, but then again it wasn’t my sandwich!

The Whole Ox Burger

My dry-aged burger, with grilled red onion and caper aioli, was super juicy and flavorful without being too under-cooked. Everything was understated and simple but came together to create lots of flavor and an all-around great burger.

The Whole Ox Burger

I love this place because it is hearty yet not heavy, American-style comfort food but made with local ingredients from Hawaii. The chef describes it as, “Scrumptious comfort food with big, over the top taste. Featuring tail to snout eating using old world techniques in the heart of Kaka’ako.”

View from Pali Lookout eyechow

We drove up to the Pali Lookout after lunch, to digest and admire the view. Even on an overcast day, it’s beautiful.

The Whole Ox

Location: 327 Keawe Street, Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone: (808) 699-6328

Whole Ox Deli on Urbanspoon

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