Breakfast at Yogur Story, Honolulu

Kimchi & Bacon Fried Rice Yogur Story

A few trips-to-Hawaii ago my Dad brought me to a (then new) restaurant called Yogur Story. Normally, restaurants (and other companies) that offer too much or try to be everything to everybody, fail. This place is an odd exception.

Yogur Story Breakfast Croissant

Yogur Story is a great place to grab a leisurely coffee and catch up on some work. It’s a great place for breakfast and brunch (they make red velvet waffles!) and yet it also has a hip happy hour, a variety of savory dishes (like their amazing fried rice) and is a good place to grab a drink. They make their pastries in-house. They make American (California-influenced, I would call it) food well, while still providing authentic Asian-style (“Korean-style”) and Hawaiian-style fare that satisfies. Their menu isn’t huge, but it’s widely varied. To make it all more confusing, their sign says, “Brunch. Coffee. Dessert.” Everyone I know who has been there, or who I’ve taken there, loves it.

Yogur Story Coffee

When my dad first took me for breakfast I ordered kimchi and bacon fried rice (we often eat rice for breakfast in Hawaii) and my dad had a breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese and bacon) on a croissant. His came with fruit and home fries. Both breakfasts were excellent and I try to go back here every time I’m in Hawaii. This is my favorite savory dish but next time I’ll post about the sweet breakfast I had, my last visit.

Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice Eyechow

Yogur Story

Location: 815 Keeaumoku St. Honolulu, HI 96814 Phone: (808) 942-0505

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