Rum Fire, Honolulu

Rum Fire Cocktail Honolulu

These pictures are pretty bad since I was using my phone outside in the dark the night we first went to Rum Fire, but the bar itself is not bad at all. On the weekends it turns into a bass-thumping music-blasting club, but on weeknights it has the perfect laid-back Hawaiian ambiance and a menu large enough to contain something for everyone you decide to bring along.

Fire Pits Rum Fire

The setting of the bar is truly unique. Although it is not on the sand, it is sandwiched between the Sheraton Waikiki‘s lobby, pool and walkway overlooking the ocean. You can see Diamond Head in the distance when the sun is still up and hear the crashing waves. The bar is also conveniently located near a reasonably priced parking garage. There are big fire-pits all around outside, which are mesmerizing to look at and presumably why the word “fire” is in the name.

Rum Fire Cocktail

At this point I can’t remember what I ordered to drink, but the specialty cocktails are around $10 each and there are many options, both unusually spicy and disturbingly sweet. I do remember my red drink had Tabasco in it. You can also get shots, shooters and beer.

Rum Fire French Fries

We split an order of french fries which were pretty good but nothing outstanding. Later I read this on their website:

Our Social Comfort Food Menu’s global influences include:

• Hawaii • Argentina • Belize • Bolivia • Brazil • Brunei •Canada • Colombia • Chile • Costa Rica • Ecuador • East Timor • El Salvador • Micronesia • Fiji • Guatemala •Honduras • Indonesia • Japan • Kiribati • Malaysia • Mexico • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Palau • Papua New Guinea • Panama • Peru • Philippines • Russia • Samoa • Singapore • Solomon Islands • Tonga • Tuvalu • United States •

I think they’re a bit all over the place on this interpretation. Couldn’t they just call it global cuisine? Or even American, since we truly are a melting pot and Hawaii in particular is extremely diverse? Check out the menu for yourself and let me know what you think, but I feel like it’s mainly food that has ethnic origins but has been reinterpreted throughout the years so much that it’s now “American.”

Rum Fire

Location: 2255 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815 Phone: (808) 922-4422

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