“Gorg” Sandwich, Waimanalo

The Gorg Sandwich Waimanalo

On one of my first days home in Hawaii this winter, I decided to head over to one of my favorite beaches, Sherwood’s.

Waimanalo Cafe

Since I went over really early in the morning, I passed my usual Waimanalo food (lunch) stop (Keneke’s) and instead pulled over next door, at Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery.

Inside Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery

The interior is full of random art (all for sale) in different mediums: photographs, drawings and paintings, all Hawaii-themed.

Taylor Swift for Ukulele

The place is very casual and homey, and even though the art isn’t thoughtfully arranged, the ambiance is just right because it’s somewhere between messy and cozy (I thought this “Taylor Swift for Ukulele” book was pretty entertaining).

Waimanalo Beach Cafe Menu

After reading the menu and seeing that the “Gorg” sandwich was the specialty, I knew I had to order one.

Gorg Sandwich Waimanalo Beach Cafe

It’s a croissant stuffed with roasted chicken, gorgonzola cheese, greens, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Gorg Sandwich Waimanalo

The sandwich was perfect; it felt healthy since it was full of vegetables, but indulgent and fatty due to the rich cheese and buttery croissant. It also satisfied like a complete meal (which I don’t often feel like I’m accomplishing with a sandwich).

Waimanalo Beach

I took my sandwich and an iced coffee down the street to the beach. My breakfast was heavenly, as I enjoyed the amazing view, salty sea breeze, warm sunshine and the sound of crashing waves while eating the “gorg.”


Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery

Location: 41-865 Kalanianaole Highway, Waimanalo, HI 96795 Phone: (808) 366-3656

Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery on Urbanspoon

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