Morning Glass Coffee & Café, Honolulu

Morning Glass Coffee & Café Lattes

My first morning back in Hawaii this winter, my dad took my sister and me for breakfast at the tiny, wonderful Morning Glass Coffee in Manoa.

Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Vanilla Latte

When my dad told me they make their syrups in-house, I knew I had to order a latte; I got the caramel latte, and my dad ordered the vanilla. They were both beautiful and once my dad began drinking his, little bursts of vanilla covered the coffee in polka dots!

Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Breakfast

My dad’s meal came in a cute little cast-iron skillet, and included Vermont cheddar cheese and think-cut bacon cooked with eggs, and home fries on the side. The cheese was salty and perfect; you could tell it came from Vermont and it added a nice tart bite to the eggs. The thick bacon was stellar, as usual.

Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Oatmeal

Lana ordered oatmeal, which came with the most irresistible toppings: brown sugar and blueberries. The sugar sort of diminished the healthy aspect of the dish but it looked (and I’m sure tasted) amazing. Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Bacon

She also ordered a side of bacon, because why not? I say: when in doubt, order bacon.

Fried Rice Omelette

Even though I really wanted to try the biscuits and gravy, when I saw this item on the menu that I’d never seen elsewhere, I couldn’t resist: Portuguese sausage fried-rice omelette. How amazing does that sound? Putting fried rice in an omelette is an ingenious idea! It also came in a kim chi version (I should have asked for both sausage and kim chi).

Fried Rice Omelette

I love eggs with my fried rice, so this was the perfect breakfast for me. I would have preferred it without the sauce, which was too creamy for my taste  I couldn’t quite place the flavor but it was a little fishy. I didn’t eat all the egg, since there was so much, but I did enjoy all the fried rice and lovely spiced sausage.

Inside Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Manoa

This was my view to the left / front (and there’s Lana!) …

Inside Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe Manoa

and this was my view to the right. This place is minuscule, so either get there early, or expect a wait!

Morning Glass Manoa Lattes

Morning Glass Coffee & Café

Location: 2955 E Manoa Rd. Honolulu, HI 96822 Phone: (808) 673-0065

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