Pita House, Astoria

Pita House Astoria

On Yelp this place is called “Pita House” but in real life, when you walk up to the minuscule restaurant (there are only two small tables, pushed right up next to each other) you see a sign on the awning that reads “Pita Hot.” My friend Caitlin met Kiyo and me the for dinner one night in the Fall. We’d heard that their falafel is amazing, and Caitlin is a gluten-free vegetarian so it seemed like the perfect meeting place. Unfortunately, when we arrived we were told they were out of falafel!

At Pita House, you order at the counter and then either take your food to go or take it with you to one of the two tiny tables, but it is not a sit-down restaurant. I ordered a chicken kebab plate, which was huge. It came with rice, hummus, baba ganoush, a salad and a few other indistinguishable but delicious sides. While we were eating, the man behind the counter brought us out three piping hot pieces of falafel, which was very nice and unexpected. I guess they made more since we’d clearly been upset when we heard they were out. The falafel was large and flavorful; I definitely would have been happy with a full order!

Pita House Astoria Baklava

To end the meal, the three of us shared a honey-soaked baklava drizzled with crushed pistachios. This was only the second baklava I’ve had, so I can’t really judge it but I think it would have been better served warm. This place was filling and the food was addicting so I would be back, but Kiyo thought that at $12 per person it was a bit overpriced.

Jerusalem Pita House

Location: 2515 30th Ave. Astoria, NY 11102 Phone: (718) 932-8282

Jerusalem Pita House on Urbanspoon

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