Brunch at Balthazar, New York

This summer when my dad and sister came to New York they took Kiyo and me to brunch at Balthazar.

Kiyo had the beef stroganoff with buttered noodles. They looked hearty and delicious.

Whenever we go to brunch I have a hard time choosing between sweet and savory options, so I made Lana share with me. We chose the buttery mac and cheese which was super indulgent. Cheese melted everywhere and the skillet included fatty, salty chunks of bacon!

We also shared the sour cream hazelnut waffles with warm berries, also irresistible and very indulgent. Berries, butter and waffles are wonderful together and we were very happy with our meal.

My dad ordered the brioche French toast with bacon. With its small, well-executed menu, French-bistro ambience and comfort food, you can’t go wrong with Balthazar. Just be sure to make a reservation!


Location: 80 Spring St. New York, NY 10012 Phone: (212) 965-1414

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