Artcliff Diner, Vineyard Haven

When Maggie and I visited Zan this summer in Martha’s Vineyard, she brought us to one of her favorite breakfast spots: Artcliff Diner. When we arrived, her parents were unexpectedly already there waiting for a table, so we happily joined them for brunch. All of the food was fresh, local when possible (such as the eggs, fruit etc.) and overall it was simple and well-executed.

We ordered the crêpe special to share, since the homemade blackberry jam sounded too delicious to pass up.

I ordered eggs with asparagus and brie, which came with hearty bread and butter. The rich, melted cheese was heavenly on the eggs, and I liked that there were some vegetables thrown in there too.

Bob, Zan’s dad, ordered the crispy fish tacos, which is a staple of the Artcliff menu.

Maggie had scrambled eggs with salmon, which she loved but I didn’t taste since I don’t really like fish.

Zan (or maybe her mom, I can’t remember) had a regular breakfast plate of eggs. The greens that came with most of the meals looked so delicious and fresh! Maggie and I weren’t able to finish our food so we brought home leftovers. This is a place I would definitely go back to!

Artcliff Diner

Location: 39 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568 Phone: (508) 693-1224

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