Breakfast at Murray’s Bagels, New York

A few weekends ago Kiyo and I had a craving for New York bagels so we dragged ourselves to Murray’s Bagels (we were a bit hung over). The line was insane and almost out the door, but we were already there so we decided to wait and I’m glad we did. The line was definitely a pain but it moved pretty quickly.

Inside Murray’s, which is small, there is so much to look at: the refrigerators full of juices and flavored waters, the big baskets full of bagels which leak crumbs all over, the cute vintage decor, the bagel spreads and toppings, and baked goods.

I experienced my usual anxiety over choosing what to order from a huge menu, but settled on my favorite bagel combination: an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and real bacon. It’s loaded with fat and calories but when you’re hung over, nothing is better. Kiyo and I also decided to try the corn chowder, since it was cold outside and it was a special. The soup had chunks of potato, corn and bacon and had just the right amount of flavor; not too salty but not bland. The bagels (you can’t order them toasted, which I usually do) were crisp on the outside and so so soft on the inside. They were perfect. The smear of cream cheese was generous and the bacon was thick and delicious.

Kiyo ordered a garlic bagel with olive cream cheese, which was a great combination. To nurse our hangovers we shared an iced coffee and a coconut water, and we definitely felt much better after breakfast.

Murray’s Bagels

Location: 500 Ave Of The Americas, New York NY 10011 Phone: (212) 462-2830

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