Salad from Legend’s, Saratoga Springs

Sandwiches, subs and salads from Legend’s are a staple of any Skidmore student’s diet; Legend’s even have a sandwich named after some of the Skidmore hockey boys. It’s a great place to eat because the menu is huge but they make everything well, and they deliver! If I have to pick one, my favorite sandwich (it’s so, so hard to choose since there are so many options) is The Rachel panini: roast turkey, swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Russian dressing. I can never resist cole slaw.

This is a build-your-own salad I picked up one day (you can tell I was starving since I ate it on my lap in the front seat; don’t worry, I was stationary). It was romaine lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette with bacon, blue cheese and avocado. The only thing that would’ve made this salad better would’ve been grape tomatoes and sprouts, my favorite veggie toppings!

Legend’s Cafe

Location: 102 Congress St. Saratoga Springs, NY 3411 Phone: (518) 583-3411

Legends Cafe on Urbanspoon

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