Sunday Brunch at Bistro Nora, New York

I have quickly and unintentionally created a brunch tradition with Kiyo and our friend Tanner, who also graduated from Skidmore and lives in New York City. Every Sunday, one of us chooses where to eat and we meet up late in the morning (or early in the afternoon, when Tanner gets his way). A few weekends ago, Tanner had a friend in town so Kiyo and I agreed to come meet them near his apartment. I chose Bistro Nora, where I had a difficult time deciding what to order off their huge and enticing menu! I ended up with the BLT (double cut bacon, avocado, fried egg, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and chipotle mayo on sourdough) with french fries. The bread was super soft, the chipotle mayo gave it a little kick, and the combination of fried egg with avocado is always a winner.

Kiyo had the pulled duck sandwich (in hoisin-mayo dressing with scallions, tomatoes and sliced pickles on ciabatta) which even I thought was delicious and addicting, even though I normally find duck to be a bit too rich for my taste. The acidity of the pickles cut through the creamy richness of the duck and the sauce. Tanner had a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich and his friend had a veggie-loaded egg scramble, and we were all very pleased and satisfied.

Bistro Nora

Location: 1586 Second Ave. New York, NY 10028 Phone: (212) 288-2600

Bistro Nora on Urbanspoon

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