Lunch at Town, Honolulu

One of the restaurants my family frequents religiously is Town, since it is close to our house and promises “local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always.” Their breakfast burrito was a staple when I was in high school: my mom used to bring one home for my sister and me, along with orange juice and iced coffee, after her early morning tennis sessions.

Aaron, Chelsea and I met up at Town this summer for lunch and a few cocktails. The food and drink menus are constantly changing, which keeps it exciting; one of their new, 100% local cocktails is “ernesto:” local rum, MA’O lime, grapefruit & Kaimuki rosemary syrup. It sounds so delicious, I hope it’s still on the menu by the time i get back in December!

We sat outside in the sunshine enjoying a cool breeze and our cocktails. Chelsea had a salad, I think Aaron had the burger (the fries are skinny and dusted with herbs, they’re to die for) and I had the pesto pasta with green beans, tomato, and parmesan cheese.


Location: 3435 Waialae Ave #104 Honolulu, HI 96816 Phone: (808) 735-5900

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