The Pit Authentic BBQ, Raleigh

When Kiyo and I drove down to South Carolina this spring, we stopped for a night in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had read about The Pit somewhere (they have had a fair amount of press, so I don’t remember where I learned about them) and so we knew we had to stop there for some good, authentic Southern BBQ fare for lunch.

Kiyo and I shared a big plate of pulled pork and brisket, which came with a few sides. We also ordered extra sides, and fried green tomatoes. The meat also came with a soft biscuit (my favorite!) and hush puppies, which I’d never heard of before. They are delicious little fried corn fritters. They look like tater tots, but taste like fried cornbread (much more delicious than tater tots).

Macaroni and cheese and baked beans were our first two sides. Everything had so much flavor, and you could tell it’d been cooking for a long time; it was all how Kiyo always says he likes his food cooked, “low and slow.” The brisket was my favorite.

Even though macaroni is by nature heavy, this one wasn’t so creamy that it slowed us down. The breadcrumbs helped make sure that the noodles didn’t get lost in a sea of melted cheese.

The coleslaw wasn’t anything original, but with a classic Southern meal I think that is the best way for it to be. Coleslaw is always one of my favorite sides, and this version didn’t disappoint.

The fried green tomatoes were cooked perfectly, crispy exterior and slightly soft and warm on the inside (you can tell that we really, really enjoyed our meal at The Pit!) and the buttermilk dipping sauce was super tart.

We sat outside on a sunny March day and just ate BBQ and Southern food to our hearts’ content. It was a great afternoon, and Myrtle Beach could really use a place like this! If I’m ever in Raleigh again, I would certainly return to The Pit.

The Pit

Location: 328 W Davie St., Raleigh, NC 27601 Phone: (919) 890-4500

The Pit on Urbanspoon

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