Phuket Thai, Honolulu

There are many simple yet impressive Thai restaurants all over Honolulu, but one of the best is Phuket Thai, which some friends and I met at for dinner when I was home recently. We ordered a few dishes to share: cucumber salad, curry, pad see ew, sticky rice. This is the type of place that is so delicious, you can order almost anything and never go wrong. I especially love the light and refreshing cucumbers.

Word of advice if you go: everything there is extremely spicy, so order at a level below what you think you can handle. It’s so intense that my mom basically cannot eat here because even “mild” means super spicy.

Phuket Thai

Location: 401 Kamake’e St., Honolulu, HI 96814 Phone: (808) 591-8421

Phuket Thai on Urbanspoon

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