Sushi Thai Birthday Lunch, Saratoga Springs

Today is my friend Stuart’s birthday (Happy Birthday Stu!) so this post is for him. This is a big plate of chicken fried rice I ate at Sushi Thai, one of the few Asian restaurants in Saratoga Springs when Stu took me out for my twenty-first birthday. Since it was a birthday lunch, we obviously had to get little bottles of sparkling sake. It was a great, unusual way to spend an afternoon on a day that I had classes (it was the first week of classes, in fact!). And as everyone who knows him can attest to, any meal with Stu at an Asian restaurant is a good time. Stu is now living in Boston so I cant’s take him out to lunch today, but I would if I was there, and hopefully I will get to make it up soon! Have a great birthday, Stu!

Sushi Thai Garden

Location: 44-46 Phila Street Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Phone: (518) 580-0900

Sushi Thai Garden on Urbanspoon

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