Snow City Cafe, Anchorage

This summer when my mom and I went to Alaska, we decided to spend one day looking around Anchorage, and this is our breakfast the morning of that first day. I did my research really well, and found us this cute little local-packed place, Snow City Cafe.

There were so many great options on the menu, it took me quite a while to decide what to order; but I think I chose pretty well in the end (I did have a little help from our friendly waitress). My breakfast was called the Polar Bear Breakfast and included: pancake or regular French toast, two eggs, and a choice of any meat/protein. For a few dollars extra, you could upgrade to stuffed French toast, so of course I did.

The stuffed French toast was made from a French Oven Bakery’s baguette, stuffed with mandarin orange cream cheese, topped with toasted walnuts, and served with real maple syrup and raspberry butter.

Maybe I went a little overboard with the amount of pictures I took of this French toast, but I mean, look at it! How gooey and delicious does that look? It tasted amazing! It was almost like eating Thanksgiving dinner, when I try to get a little piece of everything on my fork all at once; I would cut off a pice of the French toast, make sure I had some orange cream stuffing in there, dip it in the syrup, and smear some butter on it. It was the ultimate breakfast indulgence, and I don’t even usually eat French toast.

Since it was my first full day in Alaska, I was totally ready to try their reindeer sausage, which I had never heard of or seen anywhere else. It was surprisingly lean, very gamey, and flavorful. It was something I would definitely eat once in a while if it was available near home.

My mom ordered a veggie scramble and these hash browns, and neither of us was disappointed.

Everything looked delicious, and if we’d spent more time in Anchorage, I’m sure we would have been back.

Snow City Cafe

Location: 1034 West 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 Phone: (907) 272-CITY

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