Taco Santana, Brooklyn

Taco Santana is a little gem that Kiyo and I discovered in Williamsburg last summer when he was living in Brooklyn. Actually, many other people had already discovered it, but it is out of the way and no one we knew had ever heard of it.

You can tell from this picture that there is nothing else notable in the immediate area. We had to walk about 15 minutes (roughly 13 long blocks) away from Kiyo’s apartment (right in the middle of Bushwick and Williamsburg) back towards Manhattan. Taco Santana is close to the Williamsburg Bridge, so I guess it wouldn’t seem so out of the way if you were coming from there.

The first reason we loved this place is the prices. We were stuffed after spending less than $5. Also, this is only half of the menu; there were many options (tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, chilaquiles, huaraches, etc.) and many different meats. You can watch everything on the menu being made fresh behind the counter as you wait, by a Mexican woman whose young daughter sits in a corner playing with a doll.

There was a whole selection of different flavors of Jarritos, and Kiyo bought a tamarind soda.

This is a Taco Santana taco. Kiyo ordered this with some sort of meat (this was a long time ago, so I can’t remember exactly what we had). The menu didn’t offer any descriptions beyond the type of meat, so I’m also not exactly sure what was in each of these. I remember being a bit jealous that Kiyo’s meal came with fresh avocado. It looks like other than that, it was stuffed with meat, lettuce, tomatoes/salsa, and maybe some cheese. It seems strange to only order one taco, since most of us are used to small variety, but this one was pretty huge, more like a burrito.

I ordered a huarache, which is a flat corn tortilla, deep-fried and topped off with a bunch of goodness: re-fried beans, meat (chorizo, I believe), lettuce, cotija cheese, and some sort of white sauce (sour cream, maybe?). I topped it off with hot sauce and it was heavenly. And as I mentioned before, it was only $3.50!

Taco Santana

Location: 301 Keap St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 Phone: (718) 388-8761

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