Caprese with Speck at Chianti, Saratoga Springs

When my family was in Saratoga Springs for my college graduation, we had dinner with some relatives from the area, at an Italian restaurant called Chianti. Normally, I am apprehensive of going to Italian restaurants outside of Italy that are not known for having a remarkable history, an amazing signature dish, or ingredients imported from Italy, because after traveling to Italy three times and spending 5 weeks there on the last trip, I have become an Italian food purest (a.k.a. snob). Also, I have found that many staples of Italian menus are so easily replicable, so I usually do not enjoy going out and paying extra for food I am certain I could make just as well for less, myself.

Since Chianti is a nice restaurant (and is also very dimly lit) I did not feel comfortable taking many pictures during the dinner, but the food was everything I’d hoped it would be when I recommended the place to my family. The ingredients taste so fresh, and the menu is full of the standard Italian fare, but also more exciting and unusual options. For example, I had artichoke, Gorgonzola and sausage risotto, a dish that I would probably be too intimidated to make at home.

Kiyo ordered this caprese as an appetizer, and our nice, knowledgeable waitress suggested he have speck, a type of cured ham, with it. The speck was soft and salty, and was a perfect complement to the caprese, which would have been good but forgettable without it.

Chianti Il Ristorante

Location: 18 Division Street  Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Phone: (518) 580-0025

Chianti Il Ristorante on Urbanspoon

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