Go! Go! Curry, New York

Today Kiyo and I grabbed a very late lunch near his office at a place he read about last summer and has wanted to try ever since. Go! Go! Curry has many fantastic reviews online and has also been featured in a few magazines, and at about $7-12 per plate, it’s doubly appealing to me because it’s affordable. I ordered a small chicken plate (right) and Kiyo had a “double” (large) pork katsu plate. All of the meat is breaded and fried, making the meal a delicious indulgence. I especially enjoyed the fact that my chicken was white meat, and had none of the chewy fat that you usually get when you order chicken katsu in Hawaii. The curry is a perfect consistency and is ladled generously over mounds of white rice, and a side of unseasoned/undressed shredded green cabbage finishes it off. My small plate was the perfect amount of food, and I especially enjoyed it because it reminded me of all the great inexpensive Japanese food I eat back home in Hawaii.

Go! Go! Curry

Open: 10:55 A.M. – 9:55 P.M.

Location: 273 W. 38th Street, New York, NY 10018 Phone: (212) 730-5555

Go! Go! Curry on Urbanspoon

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