Plate Lunch Breakfast, Honolulu

This is the quintessential Hawaiian breakfast: two scoops rice, two eggs, and Portuguese sausage. When Austin and Kiyo visited over winter break, I had to bring them down the street from my house to L&L to try the typical plate-lunch-style breakfast, and they loved it! Whenever we islanders tell people on the mainland that we enjoy rice with our eggs (not toast), they think we’re sort of strange… until they try it themselves, and then they almost always agree that it is a wonderful combination! This breakfast (while not the healthiest option) is great because it will fill you up and it can be customized according to personal preference: it can be eaten plain, as shown, or with shoyu (soy sauce), ketchup, or hot sauce.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Location: All over Oahu!


L & L Drive-Inn on Urbanspoon

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