Pearl’s Korean BBQ, Honolulu

Korean BBQ is a staple in Hawaii, and this was the last thing I chose to eat before my flight back to New York a few weeks ago. This is a mini plate, which means you get the choice of two sides rather than four, and only one scoop of rice. I always order BBQ chicken, with kimchee and mac salad, which as I’ve mentioned before, is also very common and popular in Hawaii’s plate lunches. When I looked this place up on Yelp, I found that it is categorized as “fast food” and “Korean.” If this is what people consider “fast food” in Hawaii, I guess I’m not totally opposed to fast food after all. However, I truly do not believe that this can be accurately labeled “fast food.” Yes, it is served up quickly… but that is because the rice is already cooked, and so are the sides. However, I know that at this place, they cook their own rice and meat. Even if it isn’t the healthiest lunch out there, it certainly is not made with a million unrecognizable ingredients, prepackaged, frozen, reheated, etc.

Pearl's Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

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