Mom’s Lunch Creation, Honolulu

eyechow Mom's creation

I’m really sad that this isn’t a better picture (I’ll have to teach my mom how to focus pictures on her iPhone when I get to Hawaii in September!) but I had to share my mom’s ingenious lunch creation she shared with me the other day.

From the bottom up:

  • Shredded lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Avocado
  • Onion
  • Bacon
  • Sprouts
  • Veggie Burger (fried on pan with leftover bacon oil)
  • Manchego Cheese
  • Artichoke and roasted red pepper on the side

Maggie and I (I’m living with her right now) want to make this, it sounds so delicious!

The “What I Ate Wednesday” That Never Was [Part III]


Breakfast: overnight oats are just so delicious if you keep them interesting with lots of different add-ins. Here I used almond milk, a banana, unsweetened coconut flakes and dried (sweetened) cranberries.


Breakfast: I am a HUGE fan of leftovers, and can even happily eat them for breakfast, like I did with this leftover Indian food and a coconut lentil curry I made at home. My curry was made with just onion, carrots, parsnips and bamboo shoots, simmered in coconut milk and curry powder (along with a couple other spices like cumin and turmeric). I cooked the lentils in my rice cooker with some vegetable stock and mixed that in later. The Indian takeout was saag panner (cheese cooked in a spinach mixture) and chicken tikka masala, a rich and creamy tomato sauce. Over leftover basmati rice, this was a super filling and flavorful breakfast that kept me full until late in the afternoon.

MP Taverna lunch WIAW

Lunch: My friend Jess (a Registered Dietitian who I actually met through WordPress!) and I went to yoga one day and then ate lunch at MP Taverna. It was delicious! I had “Grandma’s” Greek meatballs (served with lemon, pita and tzatziki) and the “MP salad,” a winning combination of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, onion, feta, and peppers. I had to take half of this home, and it was great for lunch again the next day.

WIAW Shake Shack hot dog

Lunch: I found myself near Shake Shack in the late afternoon one day and since I hadn’t had lunch yet, I decided to try their famous Chicago dog (did you know that Shake Shack started as a hot-dog-cart?). It was good but a bit hard to eat with all the toppings, which made the bottom of the bun a bit soggy. I liked it but their burgers are just so good, I found myself wishing I’d ordered a burger instead.

Lo juice with aloe

Snack: I’ve been drinking a quarter cup (about 2 fluid oz.) of aloe juice daily. Here I had it with water and pomegranate juice made by LO Fruit Beverage. These beverages are Kosher, vegan, gluten-free (duh) and low on the glycemic index; one 10-oz serving of LO has roughly the same amount of calories (35 – 45), carbs (8 – 11 grams), and sugars (7 – 10 grams) as found in one whole fruit. The flavor is surprisingly strong considering that it’s basically watered down juice, and I actually prefer this watered down version than regular juice, which I find is often sickeningly sweet, even when it doesn’t contain added sugars. It has a unique aftertaste that reminds me of kombucha, or another sparkling beverage, although it’s not sparkling. I’ve tried out a couple other flavors so far and am enjoying them as a juice substitute.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Astoria & New York

making a smoothie WIAW

Welcome to yet another WIAW hosted by the awesome blog Peas and Crayons!

Breakfast: here is my smoothie in the blender pre-blending. I thought the vibrant orange and green looked pretty cool, so I took this before picture.

green smoothie WIAW

This smoothie consisted of (all organic except the cantaloupe):

  • Wheat grass powder
  • Matcha green tea powder
  • Maple syrup
  • Celery
  • Cantaloupe (frozen)
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

best vegan sandwich ever

Lunch: sadly, I had to eat at my desk, but at least I brought an awesome sandwich from home! I think this is one of my favorite vegan creations, and I ate it three days in a row last week. The whole-wheat bread sandwich is loaded up with:

  • Avocado hummus
  • Vegenaise
  • Homemade tahini pesto (I mixed olive oil and basil with tahini and lemon juice in my new food processor; amazing!)
  • Pickled beets
  • Capers
  • Lentil sprouts
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Arugula sprouts

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Brunch at Yogur Story, Honolulu

Hurrican Bowl Yogurstory

Yogur Story is one of my go-to breakfast spots in Honolulu. I’ve written about my breakfasts/brunch there twice now,  and here’s another occasion. When Kiyo and our friend Austin were visiting me, we went to Yogur Story for brunch.

Brunch at Yogur Story

Kiyo had the pig fried rice; I think it was called the Porker or Oink-something. They don’t have this on the new menu, so I can’t find it online but it had a lot of pork in it, if you couldn’t guess by now.


Austin had one of the American-style dishes, a grilled ham Benedict on an English muffin over roasted fingerling potatoes, all topped off with Hollandaise sauce, of course.

Deconstructed Hurricane Bowl

I can be a total weirdo sometimes, demonstrated by how I ordered my Hurricane Bowl (a take on the Korean Bibimbap): with all the toppings on the side. All I can say it sometimes I feel like I need to be in control, and I wanted to dole out the pickled vegetables, beef, sprouts and sauce, myself. Also, I don’t care for mushroom so I didn’t want those on there!

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Beyond Sushi, New York

Beyond Sushi Special Rolls

My whole life, I haven’t liked seafood. While I love salty food, there is something about the actual fishiness of seafood that just makes me gag. This dislike caused me to miss out on one of the cutest foods out there: sushi. I’ve always wanted to like sushi. It is visually appealing, and popping it into your mouth piece by piece always seemed fun. When I first moved to Hawaii, I even went through a phase where I secretly tried to eat sushi at home (stuff that my mom and sister brought home for their own take-out lunches or dinners) but that usually just ended up in me gagging or even throwing up. I just couldn’t do it; until I found Beyond Sushi.

Beyond Sushi Interior

A super small restaurant and take-out counter, the East Village location seats only about 18 at most. They have recently opened another location in Chelsea, which I haven’t yet visited. The brick walls are lined with large images of the sushi you can order, which I love. It’s a unique way to display the menu and whet the appetite of the diners, and it also proves that the colorful sushi is actually beautiful art.

Beyond Sushi Lemonade

My first time to Beyond Sushi, I began with a basil cucumber lemonade, which was as refreshing as it sounds. I could probably drink this every day, since it wasn’t too sweet.

Beyond Sushi Black Rice Rolls

Kiyo and I each ordered an 8-piece roll. You can order your sushi with the standard seaweed wrapper or with a soy wrapper, which is what I got. I like seaweed in small doses, but I find it too fishy and slimy in large quantities. Kiyo had the “Spicy Mang,” which is black rice with avocado, mango, cucumber and spicy veggies, served with toasted cayenne sauce.

Beyond Sushi Avocado Rolls

My roll was the “Sweet Tree,” made with six grain rice, avocado, sweet potato and alfalfa sprouts, served with toasted cayenne sauce. This sushi was so delicious! I love avocado and sweet potato together; it sounds like it’d be too soft, but it’s not (another example of this odd pairing is the sandwich I had at Nectar last summer). The rice is nutty, the sauce is just slightly spicy and the alfalfa sprouts add just a hint of freshness. Maybe it’s partially due to the fact that I’ve always wanted to like sushi, but I was immediately obsessed with this roll.

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