What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Finally, a real, full day for WIAW! Here’s what I ate last Wednesday, a day off from work (finally!) and teaching.

pines green powder

Breakfast: smoothie, per usual. This was tart cherry juice, coconut water, frozen spinach and peaches, and PINES organic superfood blend (wheatgrass, alfalfa, hemp protein and stevia).

FullSizeRender (3)

Not pictured: coffee with coconut milk creamer.

power yoga hawaii kahala

I took an hour and a half power vinyasa class at my favorite yoga studio here, Power Yoga Hawaii.

open faced egg salad sandwich

Lunch: When I got home, I was famished! I found hot dog buns in the freezer, so I toasted one up and made egg salad (two hard-boiled eggs, capers, spicy brown mustard, veganaise). Kiyo made pickled daikon a few weeks ago with daikon from our Ma’o Organic Farms CSA box, so I put that on the open-faced sandwich as well.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Here is another post of meals from various days. Happy Hump Day!


Breakfast: green smoothie: aloe water, frozen strawberries, frozen kale, moringa powder, acai berry powder, chia seeds.

WIAW Honolulu

Lunch: leftover Thai food: chicken curry with bell peppers and green beans over rice.


Dinner: burger night at Morning Glass… delicious burger, with homemade pickles and a small side salad. There was a long wait for a table though!


Dessert: my mom had Vosges chocolate hazelnut truffles in the fridge, so of course I ate them. They were really pretty with gold on top!

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Here are a few meals from different days recently…

WIAW Honolulu

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee.


Lunch: lemongrass chicken banh mi from Ba-Le.


Dinner: homemade pizza! Kiyo made the crust and I topped it off: half homemade basil pesto, half tomato sauce, topped with goat cheese and arugula.

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The “WIAW” That Never Was: Honolulu

Sometimes I have a problem remembering to document a full day of eating. So, here’s my first WIAW from Hawaii that’s from a bunch of different days.


WIAW Honolulu

Iced coffee with almond milk, and fried rice made with leftover stir-fry of tofu, bok choy from the CSA box, and onions. Surrounded by my current reading and the GRE prep book I keep avoiding… I need to get a book stand so I can eat and read without difficulty.


After yoga one morning I made a big breakfast of

  • CSA box organic grapefruit
  • CSA box organic mizuna greens (sautéed with olive oil and cumin, turmeric and curry powder)
  • Eggs scrambled with cottage cheese
  • Half a chicken and spinach sausage
  • Condiments: hot sauce, ketchup and mayo (yes, all three!)



Caprese sandwich: prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto (served with chips and fruit salad) at the Neiman Marcus café with my dad. I ate half the sandwich at lunch and the other half later in the afternoon, at home.


Another lunch with dad, this time at Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki right after I taught and took yoga classes. I had the “fiesta” burger: topped with cheese, salsa and guacamole. Let’s be honest, it was the guac I was after. Again, I ate half and then finished it later at home (actually, the next day. I actually love having leftover burgers, they’re sturdy so they can easily be reheated)/


At home: I roasted potatoes and two types of sweet potatoes in the oven with olive oil, fresh rosemary and Meyer lemon from the CSA box. I topped it off with a soft-boiled egg and homemade garlic aioli (nonfat Greek yogurt, mayo, garlic, herb sea salt, pepper). This was GOOD if I do say so myself.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

A lot is suddenly going on right now, so I’ll have to be brief today for WIAW. Updates and more posts coming soon!

FullSizeRender (2)

Breakfast: iced coffee and green smoothie (aloe water, tart cherry juice, frozen strawberries, acai berry powder, moringa powder, chia seeds).

teaching yoga

I taught a power yoga class and then took an all-levels vinyasa class.

homemade roasted eggplant sandwich

Lunch: sandwich with homemade pesto (basil, garlic, olive oil, almonds), mayo, mustard, cheese, capers, roasted eggplant (with turmeric, cumin, paprika) and mixed greens.

Beanitos chips for lunch

We had some white bean and sea salt Beanitos chips on the side. These are so delicious! And they’re basically all protein.

moving bricks

Kiyo and I had to move bricks for my mom; they were heavy and it felt like a workout! Then I did my barbels, 30 pounds. I also practiced some forearm stands, I’m getting better but still not there without the wall.

salad with veggie burger

Dinner: We made salads with the mixed greens and daikon from our CSA box, topped with a veggie burger (these are from Costco, are made with sweet potato and sunflower seeds and are a great option if you’re not a big fan of mushrooms). I made us a dressing by pureeing our leftover roasted eggplant with tahini, sesame oil and Greek yogurt. It was a bit too thick but tasted good. I also had a glass of white wine, and (not pictured) some chocolate chips for dessert.

Total estimated calories: 1,800

What did you eat today?