What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu


Happy WIAW… here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

FullSizeRender (5)

BREAKFAST: avocado toast on Ezekial English muffin… I seriously ate this every morning for a week (with my coffee, of course).


LUNCH: best lunch lately was the yogi sandwich (I ordered it with bacon but it comes with sun-dried tomato hummus, carrots, cucumber, kale and sprouts) from Sprout near where I work.

FullSizeRender (4)

SNACKS: potato chips, unfortunately. They taste so good but then afterwards I feel so crappy! I got these for free and after they were done, I did not buy more!

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu


Here is what I ate last week Thursday:

FullSizeRender (6)

9 AM: Breakfast

Toasted half of a whole-wheat Ezekial English muffin, topped with a quarter of an avocado, fresh lemon juice, garlic powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. SO. GOOD. Not pictured: coffee with almond milk. This is such a good option for a vegan breakfast, by the way.


10:30 AM: Taught a Vinyasa Yoga Class at Yogaloha

Check out my new page on the site where my class schedule is listed. I’d love to see you in class sometime :)

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Happy WIAW… birthday edition!


Here’s what I ate on Monday, my birthday.


Breakfast: leftover kim chee fried rice, topped with a fried egg. And coffee with almond milk, of course.

FullSizeRender (1)

Lunch: I worked all day, so for lunch, I walked over to Jewel or Juice for a creamy kale smoothie (almond milk, banana, pineapple, kale, whey protein). I also brought a chocolate chocolate chip cookie from home, because it’s totally acceptable to eat a cookie for lunch on your birthday, right? It was from Momofuku Milk Bar (I brought it back with me from New York).


Snack: (not pictured) a handful of grapes after work. I walked over to HotYoga8, where they gave me 25% off the store for my birthday! So I treated myself to a funny yoga tee and fun Teeki pants. Can’t wait to wear these soon! Then I took a 90-minute Bikram class. It’s my fifth class this month (I signed up for a month of unlimited classes) and each time feels very different, even though the temperature and the postures are the same. I have mixed feelings on Bikram, which I plan to share soon in another post. My yoga style of choice is power yoga, but I wanted to mix it up this month, which is why I’ve taken Bikram classes lately. More on all this soon.

FullSizeRender (2)

Dinner: After yoga, Kiyo picked me up and we went to Brew’d, a “craftpub,” for dinner. We were so hungry, we ordered poutine before we even got our water or drinks. They were pretty good, with cheddar cheese, beef, gravy and a fried egg. Not quite as good as poutine in Canada, but still we gobbled up the whole plate.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Happy WIAW!

WIAW Honolulu

We’ve had friends visiting since December 27, which is awesome although also exhausting because we’ve also been working our regular schedules. Here are a few things we’ve eaten this past week. Of course, I’ve been drinking my morning coffee with almond milk (here in my adorable new hand-painted mug I got from work for Christmas).

FullSizeRender (13)

We’ve joked that we’ve only been eating either really healthy or really unhealthy meals. Here’s a healthy breakfast: acai bowl! With granola, berries, banana and honey.

FullSizeRender (15)

Here’s one of our unhealthy (but so satisfying) breakfasts: loco moco with fried rice!

WIAW Kenekes

An unhealthy lunch: plate lunch at Keneke’s. I had the mini teriyaki chicken plate with rice and mac salad.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Finally, a real, full day for WIAW! Here’s what I ate last Wednesday, a day off from work (finally!) and teaching.

pines green powder

Breakfast: smoothie, per usual. This was tart cherry juice, coconut water, frozen spinach and peaches, and PINES organic superfood blend (wheatgrass, alfalfa, hemp protein and stevia).

FullSizeRender (3)

Not pictured: coffee with coconut milk creamer.

power yoga hawaii kahala

I took an hour and a half power vinyasa class at my favorite yoga studio here, Power Yoga Hawaii.

open faced egg salad sandwich

Lunch: When I got home, I was famished! I found hot dog buns in the freezer, so I toasted one up and made egg salad (two hard-boiled eggs, capers, spicy brown mustard, veganaise). Kiyo made pickled daikon a few weeks ago with daikon from our Ma’o Organic Farms CSA box, so I put that on the open-faced sandwich as well.

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