What I Ate Wednesday: New York

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is another guest post (see Flavia’s from last week here). This time it comes from my friend Jenna, who I ran the half-marathon with this April (check that out here). Check out her eats below and Happy WIAW!

Jenna Koeble

Hi Everyone! My name is Jenna, and I blog over at Slice of Sparkle. Usually you can find me talking about desserts (like Dominique Ansel’s cookie shot!), fashion and other day-to-day ramblings. Val and I first met about two years ago at work. (She’s since left – and I miss her dearly!) We quickly became friends once we discovered how much we had in common – namely: FOOD. We also ran a half marathon together this past April (a first for both of us!), which you can read about here. Anyway, back to today’s post. When Val asked me to contribute a WIAW post for this week, I jumped at the chance! I’ve never actually written one before, so why not start today? Here goes:

Breakfast: Water, water and MORE water. I drink so much water… it’s not even funny. Sometimes I question whether it’s even normal. Haha.

water at work

Then I ate a big bowl of overnight oats topped with sliced banana, almonds and peanuts, along with two cups of black coffee (necessary!).

healthy oatmeal WIAW

I love Fairway’s flavored varieties. This morning I opted for Hazelnut!

Fairway Hazelnut Coffee

Lunch: I’m pretty snack-y at lunch. Today’s line-up: Trader Joe’s blueberry Greek yogurt, cereal/nut mix (Nature’s Path Flax Plus flakes + almonds + peanuts), apples and carrots.

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Dinner at Sperry’s, Saratoga Springs

Dinner at Sperry's Saratoga Springs

If you saw this week’s WIAW post, you know some of our friends are spending the summer in Saratoga Springs, where a few years ago, we all attended Skidmore College. So, for Memorial Day a few weeks ago, six of us met up in the small, upstate New York town and had a great time. One night, Kiyo and I broke off and had our own dinner at Sperry’s, since it’s been around since 1932 but we’d never been. It was so nice out that we sat outside at the “patio,” under a tent and off to the side of the outdoor bar.


Rather than bread, dinner begins with popovers. I appreciated that this was more interesting than regular (and usually lackluster) sliced baguette or dinner rolls, but Kiyo would have preferred bread.


Our friend advised us to try the bacon-wrapped dates, and she was right, they were delicious! Perched atop an odd carrot marmalade, and a balsamic reduction, the whole dish was very sticky but since bite-size, not messy. I’ve never had anything like the weird, chunky, sweet carrot marmalade, but I liked it.


Kiyo had the Caesar salad, which he enjoyed. I would not have liked those anchovies on top!


My wedge salad was amazing; how could it not be when the Bibb lettuce was drenched in roasted grape tomatoes, thick, rich lardons and creamy blue cheese dressing? I liked that they used Bibb rather than watery iceberg lettuce.

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Dinner at The Neely’s, New York


I actually already wrote about this dinner in one of my What I Ate Wednesday posts; you can read it here.

dinner at The Neely's New York

The drinks were large and strong, and considering that at trendy NYC bars and restaurants a small, weak “craft cocktail” can run you $12-16, I thought this drink menu was actually a good deal and I loved the Southern twist.


As I’ve said, often celebrity chefs’ restaurants are overpriced and overrated. I’m happy to say that the Neely’s BBQ Parlor defied that stereotype and was actually quite good. Kiyo and I both enjoyed our strong cocktails along with some deep-fried pickles with a tangy dipping sauce and two hefty entrees…


He had ribs with brussels sprouts and I had a cobb salad, loaded with veggies (including fried green tomatoes!), turkey and bacon. Everything was delicious!


Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

Location: 1125 1st Ave, New York, NY 10065 Phone: (212) 832-1551

Neely's Barbecue Parlor on Urbanspoon

What I Ate Wednesday: Astoria

WIAW instant coffeeBreakfast: Sorry to reuse some pictures from last week’s WIAW post, but this was the day after and so I had a few of the same things! Again, instant coffee with organic soy milk & stevia…

banana chocolate soy smoothie

Breakfast: I needed to finish up the rest of the soy milk so I also made a smoothie with it: I just used some dark-chocolate syrup and a banana, and it was delicious!

WIAW hummus

Snack #1: six rosemary / olive oil crackers and homemade roasted red-pepper hummus, again.

lemon detox tea WIAW

Snack #2: I had a detox tea and then went to a one-hour vinyasa yoga class.

photo 2 (1)

Lunch: leftovers! This time it was some homemade honey banana cornbread with butter, and homemade red cabbage cole slaw.

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