What I Ate Wednesday: Minneapolis [With Nutritional Analysis]



Today I am sharing a day of eats and exercise at my grandma’s house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was staying with her for just under a week in February, for my cousin’s wedding. This is a woman who once told me, totally seriously, “I don’t like vegetables.” So let’s check out a day at her house…

WIAW minneapolis

Breakfast: raisin bran crunch cereal with milk and strawberries. Not too bad, actually, although I never eat cereal at home.

FullSizeRender (7)

Coffee too, of course, with half and half at grandma’s instead of my regular almond milk. Half & half does taste a lot better actually! I was ironically catching up on my textbook reading for the nutrition class I’m taking now. One of our assignments was to track and analyze a day of eating, so I included all that information at the end of this post. Here’s what my breakfast looked like in terms of calories:

FullSizeRender (13)

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu


Happy WIAW… here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

FullSizeRender (5)

BREAKFAST: avocado toast on Ezekial English muffin… I seriously ate this every morning for a week (with my coffee, of course).


LUNCH: best lunch lately was the yogi sandwich (I ordered it with bacon but it comes with sun-dried tomato hummus, carrots, cucumber, kale and sprouts) from Sprout near where I work.

FullSizeRender (4)

SNACKS: potato chips, unfortunately. They taste so good but then afterwards I feel so crappy! I got these for free and after they were done, I did not buy more!

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Chicken with Hummus, Saratoga Springs

You’ll have to excuse the terrible pictures from this dinner that was four years ago, but I still wanted to share because the meal was a great, gluten-free idea. Flavia (in the back, Maggie in the front) cooked us all dinner one night at our house at Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs.


It’s such a great, simple and easy idea but I never would have thought of it: roasted chicken and vegetables served over hummus. Low-calories, healthy, gluten-free and nutritious. I will have to make this sometime soon!

Dinner at Red 36, Mystic


This summer, when I was living in Connecticut with Maggie for yoga teacher training, we were so tired every night that we would plop into bed right after dinner at home each night. Finally, about a week or two into training, we finally began to adjust to the rigorous schedule, and were ready to venture out of the house one night. And I’m glad we did!


The wait for a table at Red36 in Mystic, even on a weeknight, was really long, so of course we ordered drinks at the bar for the wait.


I can’t remember what we drank exactly, but we both enjoyed our cocktails. Maggie did have one complaint: the round glass her cocktail was served in made it so that she could smell the egg whites every time she took a sip, which was not pleasant.


The setting for enjoying a pre-drink cocktail was perfect and gorgeous.


Here’s the full view from the balcony over the harbor.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu


Here is what I ate last week Thursday:

FullSizeRender (6)

9 AM: Breakfast

Toasted half of a whole-wheat Ezekial English muffin, topped with a quarter of an avocado, fresh lemon juice, garlic powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. SO. GOOD. Not pictured: coffee with almond milk. This is such a good option for a vegan breakfast, by the way.


10:30 AM: Taught a Vinyasa Yoga Class at Yogaloha

Check out my new page on the site where my class schedule is listed. I’d love to see you in class sometime :)

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