Strange Food Saturday: Westerly

Lays cappuccino chips

I saw these while running through the grocery store in Rhode Island, buying food for the road trip. There’s no way I’d buy this huge a bag of such a strange, artificial and dubious flavor of chips; I mean cappuccino, really? How could / would this taste good? I would like to taste one just to know… has anyone tried them?

[see my other post about Lays' strange flavors here]

Chimi Butter, Astoria

Pirate's Booty Mac & Cheese with chimi butter


Before leaving Astoria this summer, Kiyo and I used up two whole sticks of ChimiButter, a 100% organic rBGH*-free butter, made with Samba Flavor’s Chimichurri signature blend of herbs and spices.

Pirate's Booty Mac & Cheese with chimi butter


We quickly found it to be fantastic mixed into those boxed mac & cheeses that come with powdered cheese (such as Annie’s and the new Pirate’s Booty mac & cheese). These boxes recommend using milk and/or butter, but using just CimiButter was perfect because it added an extra kick of flavor.


It was even good just smeared on some hot pita bread. The spices and herbs really elevates whatever food you add the butter to.

Chimi Butter ideas

The butter comes in two flavors (it was unfortunately beginning to melt when I took the unattractive picture above) and you can conveniently order it online.



White Wine – Artisanal herbed butter infused with white wine exhibits a sophisticated and balanced flavor that is reminiscent of delicate Italian sauces but with a distinct Latin burst of flavor that can only come from Chimichurri. It is great paired with seafood, pasta and poultry.

Red Wine – Artisanal herbed butter infused with red wine displays a richness and smoky depth of flavor imparted by an expertly chosen varietal of red wine. It is the perfect accompaniment of red meat, and is absolutely delicious when spread over crusty hearth-baked bread.

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Guest post from my sister Lana:

My plate

Well Val is busy learning how to do amazing yoga things so I’m filling in this week (yay!). My stuff tends to be less healthy than hers, embarrassing, but here it goes! Due to the fact I just got a tooth operation I’m going to use one of my older Wednesdays, a day I had a barbecue with my friend Astra and her family!



This year our mango tree seems to be working overtime; despite giving some to all my coworkers, my mom’s coworkers, friends, and even random construction guys, we are drowning in mangoes. As a result I had fresh mango for breakfast – not hardly that I’m complaining.


Midday Deliciousness:

I was trying not to stuff myself so I could stay hungry for the barbecue; as a result I had a lollipop for lunch. It was a li hing mui lolly, which anyone from Hawaii knows is a delicious orange powder. Some guy on the beach was selling these (sounds sketchy, I know, but it’s been a while and so far nothing suspicious has happened).

lillikoi drink

When we got home my mom made little lilikoi cocktails and we had those to chill out.

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Russ & Daughters Cafe, New York

Russ & Daughters Cafe

Before I left NYC, I was desperate to try the new Russ & Daughters Cafe on the Lower East Side. It’s a café by the people behind the Russ & Daughter’s Jewish Deli, a New York Institution. So, one morning, I dragged my friend who was visiting from Boston. Unfortunately, I did not do my usual research (I’d read so many good things online, in print and on social media!) and turns out, almost everything on the menu is seafood. I don’t like seafood and my friend is not an adventurous eater, so we were in for quite the experience.


My friend played it safe with the French toast, which he said was good, but for $10 I thought the portion should have been more generous.

I first ordered a coffee, which was wonderfully flavorful, and potato latkes. They were super crispy, which I loved, and delicious with the accompanying sour cream and apple sauce. I also had a caraway (which I unfortunately confused with cumin) bloody Mary, which was super strong (in herbaceous-ness, not alcohol content). I was not a fan but caraway lovers would be!


I also had the borscht, served chilled with beets, sour cream, dill and pumpernickel. It was thicker than other borscht I’ve had, and that made it more substantial, and enjoyable. I really enjoyed both food items I ordered, despite avoiding all things fishy! The decor and ambiance were also wonderful. It wouldn’t be on the top of my list of places to return to, but I recommend seafood fans check it out.

Russ & Daughters Cafe

Location: 127 Orchard St New York, NY

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Crispy Hazelnut Chocolates, Philadelphia


On Monday Kiyo and I will be spending the night in Philadelphia, the first stop on our road trip to Seattle!

Philadelphia Chocolates

I don’t remember what the store was that we wandered into, but last time we were in Philadelphia we found these totally adorable Philadelphia skyline chocolates.


More to come from the road!