What I Ate Wednesday: Astoria

Here are some WIAW pictures from this summer that I forgot to post!

leftover donuts NYC

Breakfast: leftover donuts from Smorgasburg… not nutritious, but definitely tasty.

running on Northern Boulevard

I had to take my car in to be fixed, and since it was going to take a few hours, I decided to run home and not wait at the dealership.

photo 2

I even had time to go to a 75-minute vinyasa yoga class before running back to pick it up.

WIAW snack

Snack: peanuts and dried cranberries.

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Food I Keep in My Purse

Food in my purse

Here’s a list of the items I usually have in my purse. I know it looks like a lot, but I’m one of those people who carries around a huge purse at all times, and these items are pretty small. These are good items to bring on a trip, or just to keep on you:

  1. Stevia Packets: Sugar tastes better than any alternative, but if you’re watching your intake or your calories, Stevia is a great option. You can also find individual packets of honey or agave, which are all better choices than Splenda, Equal etc.
  2. Mini Tabasco: There are certain foods (i.e. pizza) that I just won’t eat without hot sauce, and you’d be surprised how often restaurants/bodegas/etc. do not offer any hot sauce. This is why I always carry around these adorable little bottles of Tabasco. You can also find Tabasco in packets, like the stevia.
  3. Tea: tea is just great to have on-hand for when you ever start to feel nauseous (ginger tea), or feel a cold or something coming on (echinacea, detox). Or, if you want a caffeine boost without spending money on a $4 coffee beverage, hot water is free in gas stations as well as most restaurants. Even if you’re just cold, or anxious, having a warm tea can be nice.
  4. Emergen-C: Again, this is good to have if you feel something coming on, like a cold or flu; or, if you’re planning a night out drinking it could help to have some vitamins beforehand. I like the Vitamin C or the Calcium/Vitamin D blend. However, the flavor of these is a bit too artificial for me, so I like to mix them with…
  5. ALOHA Daily Good Green Powder: This is a wonderful blend of (almost all organic) lemon, wild blueberries, coconut water, spinach, green peas, wheatgrass, spirulina, moringa, yellow Hawaiian ginger, Hawaiian red Alaea salt, enoki mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, and raspberries. You can mix it with just water, but then it tastes too green and bitter; so I mix it with my Emergen-C for some sweetness and fruity flavor. Nothing makes me feel better than a green drink!
  6. Nuun: I think that Nuun is the best thing ever, especially for people who are physically active. Nuun is a tablet, like Alka-Seltzer, but it’s an electrolyte drink; so carrying around this little tube is like carrying around a 20-pack of Gatorade. Awesome!
  7. Organic Wintergreen Mints: Newman’s Own is a great brand, and I love their mints, which are similar to Altoid in shape but taste less intense, don’t have aspartame, and are a little less powdery. It’s good to keep something in your bag that will freshen your breath.
  8. Hemp Hearts: this is a great snack if you’re hungry, but not enough for a whole bar. Hemp Hearts are delicious, and a packet is about 90 calories. You can eat them straight or sprinkle them on yogurt, salads, smoothies, etc. for an extra boost.
  9. Quest Bar: any granola bar will do, but Quest bars work especially well because unlike Kind bars, which I love, they won’t melt chocolate all over the place. These bars are similar to Power Bars; so they can be banged around in your bag for a while but still hold their shape, for the most part. These bars have lots of fiber, so if you’re really hungry it’s the perfect snack.

Dave’s Coffee, Charlestown

Dave's Coffee

When I visit Maggie in Connecticut, we always drive a few minutes over the CT/RI border, into the smallest state: Rhode Island. Maggie always brings us for delicious coffee at Dave’s, a family-owned, craft, certified organic coffee roaster.


The coffee shop has an adorable ambiance, with stickers, syrups, coffees and mugs for sale, as well as books and games for patrons.


I like to get a latte or cappuccino, and then add cinnamon.


Dave’s Coffee

Location: 5193 Old Post Rd. Charlestown, RI 02813 Phone: (401) 322-0006

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Finally, a real, full day for WIAW! Here’s what I ate last Wednesday, a day off from work (finally!) and teaching.

pines green powder

Breakfast: smoothie, per usual. This was tart cherry juice, coconut water, frozen spinach and peaches, and PINES organic superfood blend (wheatgrass, alfalfa, hemp protein and stevia).

FullSizeRender (3)

Not pictured: coffee with coconut milk creamer.

power yoga hawaii kahala

I took an hour and a half power vinyasa class at my favorite yoga studio here, Power Yoga Hawaii.

open faced egg salad sandwich

Lunch: When I got home, I was famished! I found hot dog buns in the freezer, so I toasted one up and made egg salad (two hard-boiled eggs, capers, spicy brown mustard, veganaise). Kiyo made pickled daikon a few weeks ago with daikon from our Ma’o Organic Farms CSA box, so I put that on the open-faced sandwich as well.

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