Birthday at Canz, Astoria


In honor of my birthday today, I’m posting about my birthday two years ago – finally! am I the slowest or what? A couple of friends came into Astoria for brunch and then bar hopping. We ended up at the super-trashy Canz, which is like Hooters except they replace each and every “s” with a “z”.


In writing this post, I just found out the place has since closed, which doesn’t surprise me. But, it was fun to go to for my birthday because we got fishbowls and deep-fried Oreos!


Obligatory birthday shots!



And the best part of finishing the fishbowl: playing with the ridiculously long straws. Today on my birthday this year, I’m working, so slightly different vibe. But belated “thank you!” to my friends who came with me to Canz that time!


Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu



We have the most awesome liquor store right near my house: Tamura’s. Not only do they have the largest selection of wine, beer, and hard liquor that I know of on the island, they also have fresh poke and other foodstuffs that pair well with drinks, such as cheese, meat, etc.

strange vodka flavors

Here are some super weird Three Olives flavors I saw there a few days ago. They all sound so weird! What is “Elvis Presley Coconut Water” anyways?



These sound like an instant hangover! Have you tried any? 

Eyechow featured on StumbleUpon!

eyechow on StumbleUpon

I’m so excited to share that eyechow is currently featured on StumbleUpon’s healthy living list! Check out the list here: The eyechow article included is my “Food I Keep in My Purse” (check out the original here).

Tryst Food-Flavored E-Cigars & Cigarettes

FullSizeRender (6)

Recently, I tried a variety of food-flavored e-shisha, panatella (a long, thin cigar), cigars and hookahs. Yes, some of them have nicotine, but not the hookas, and only 1.8% for the shisha and 2.4% for the panatella and cigars. Right away, since this can be a sensitive subject, I want to make it clear that I am in no way promoting the abuse of these products, or of nicotine, any more than I am promoting the abuse of alcohol when I write about cocktails.

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