Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu

Strange Food Saturdays Final

I decided to file this under #SFS because when I told some friends I had a “creamy kale smoothie” they involuntarily made grossed-out faces. But I swear, it was so delicious!

creamy kale smoothie strange food saturday jewel or juice

I’d thrown up one morning a few weeks ago (after eating a piece of cheese right before yoga… ew, huge mistake). I felt super nauseated when I had to head into work that afternoon. Luckily, I work right across the street from Jewel or Juice, an awesome smoothie bar. So, on my break, I refueled with the creamy kale smoothie: local kale, local pineapple, local banana, whey protein and almond milk. It did taste like kale, and it was creamy, but it reminded me of a matcha green tea latte. Sometimes green stuff and [almond] milk go really well together!

Jewel or Juice

Open: Monday – Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Location: 3619 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816 Phone: (808) 734-1700

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Zipline, Alaska

Worlds longest zipline Alaska

Something finally inspired me to get around to sharing this post. When I went to Alaska (July 2012) I went on the longest zip-line in the world… and it was my first time ever on a zip-line.


What inspired me to finally post this is that having a bunch of visitors these past few weeks meant a lot of hiking. And invariably, when we got to the top of a hike, one of us would muse that if we could jus zip-line back down, that would be awesome. Well, at this zip-line in Icy Strait Point, Alaska, we had to drive SIX MILES UP to the top of a mountain and then walk even further, to the launching pad (is that what it’s called? is there such thing as zip-line lingo?).


Once I got to the top, I was so scared. You can’t even see where the cables go, they’re so long! You can barely tell from this picture, but also, the land just drops over the edge of a cliff only a few dozen feet from where we launched. Here are the terrifying stats about the zip-line:

  • Length: 5,495 feet long
  • Vertical Drop: 1,320 feet
  • Average % grade: 25%
  • Top Speed: 65 mph
  • Cables: 6 side by side

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Ladurée, New York



Over the summer, right after I quit my job in New York City, my dad had to fly in for work. It was perfect timing, as I got to hang out with him one afternoon! We went to lunch at Lure and then walked around. When we stumbled upon Ladurée, of course we went in to admire the beautiful desserts.


We decided to stay and get a coffee, so we went out back to find a table outside. They have the most adorable courtyard! I didn’t even feel like we were in NYC.


The table setting was gorgeous; it felt like a tea party! Petals from the trees above our heads rained down softly, decorating the table. I loved the ambiance, I would go back just for that!

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Happy WIAW… birthday edition!


Here’s what I ate on Monday, my birthday.


Breakfast: leftover kim chee fried rice, topped with a fried egg. And coffee with almond milk, of course.

FullSizeRender (1)

Lunch: I worked all day, so for lunch, I walked over to Jewel or Juice for a creamy kale smoothie (almond milk, banana, pineapple, kale, whey protein). I also brought a chocolate chocolate chip cookie from home, because it’s totally acceptable to eat a cookie for lunch on your birthday, right? It was from Momofuku Milk Bar (I brought it back with me from New York).


Snack: (not pictured) a handful of grapes after work. I walked over to HotYoga8, where they gave me 25% off the store for my birthday! So I treated myself to a funny yoga tee and fun Teeki pants. Can’t wait to wear these soon! Then I took a 90-minute Bikram class. It’s my fifth class this month (I signed up for a month of unlimited classes) and each time feels very different, even though the temperature and the postures are the same. I have mixed feelings on Bikram, which I plan to share soon in another post. My yoga style of choice is power yoga, but I wanted to mix it up this month, which is why I’ve taken Bikram classes lately. More on all this soon.

FullSizeRender (2)

Dinner: After yoga, Kiyo picked me up and we went to Brew’d, a “craftpub,” for dinner. We were so hungry, we ordered poutine before we even got our water or drinks. They were pretty good, with cheddar cheese, beef, gravy and a fried egg. Not quite as good as poutine in Canada, but still we gobbled up the whole plate.

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Birthday at Canz, Astoria


In honor of my birthday today, I’m posting about my birthday two years ago – finally! am I the slowest or what? A couple of friends came into Astoria for brunch and then bar hopping. We ended up at the super-trashy Canz, which is like Hooters except they replace each and every “s” with a “z”.


In writing this post, I just found out the place has since closed, which doesn’t surprise me. But, it was fun to go to for my birthday because we got fishbowls and deep-fried Oreos!


Obligatory birthday shots!



And the best part of finishing the fishbowl: playing with the ridiculously long straws. Today on my birthday this year, I’m working, so slightly different vibe. But belated “thank you!” to my friends who came with me to Canz that time!