Dick’s Drive-In, Seattle

Dick's Seattle

Every city has one of those greasy, sometimes hated-on, but totally delicious local fast-food joints. In Hawaii, we have Zippy’s; in Seattle, there’s Dick’s. If you’re looking for the all-American burger, look no further. The location I visited is not technically a drive-in, but it has the vibe.


Obviously this is no gourmet restaurant, but it truly satisfies. They use beef that is never frozen, locally made buns delivered fresh daily, and real potatoes hand cut daily. Oh yeah, and the cheeseburger is less than TWO DOLLARS. Yep, it’s only $1.65 for a cheeseburger. Same price for the fries (which is “one size fits all”). So a full meal, sugary beverage included, is less than $5. This pricing is comparable to McDonald’s and beats them on quality… who knew it could be done!? Strangely, ketchup costs five cents, but when you’re getting such a deal, who cares?


The first Dick’s opened in 1954, and burgers were originally only nineteen cents. Nineteen cents! Although they rarely advertise, Dick’s is an award-winning joint that’s a favorite among locals; that’s how you know it’s good.

Dick’s Drive-In

Location: 500 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, WA

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

This is what an unplanned day of eating looks like, when I just throw things together that are already available, when I’m already hungry. As you’ll see, it’s interesting, but not the healthiest way to eat.

I also wanted to clarify, since I think there has been some confusion lately: I’ve been in Hawaii for the past two weeks, and I’ve just moved back here! So while I will be visiting NYC and Astoria again shortly (and hopefully often!) I am living in Honolulu again now. My blog posts do not necessarily reflect my current situation. This particular WIAW post was from a day last week, but other posts are often from weeks or even months before. It takes me a long time to catch up with my own eating!

WIAW Honolulu

Breakfast: iced coffee with cream, and fried rice made with a bunch of different leftovers! We had some white rice with scallions left over from Chinese takeout, so I threw that in a pan with some “Asian stir fry oil” (organic soy oil, organic peanut oil, organic sesame oil, natural flavors), soy sauce, hot sauce, frozen peas, steamed broccoli and scrambled eggs. It was pretty delicious, and really filling.

photo 2

Snack: I don’t remember now what I did during the day, but it’s been really hot here in Honolulu, which means lots of liquids! I love kombucha and there are so many great flavors to try. I had half this bottle (one serving).

photo 3

Snack: my sister left some gluten-free chocolate chip walnut cookies in the fridge, so when I needed a snack later on, I grabbed one. It was ok but a bit too dry.

photo 4

Snack: I made iced tea by adding dried hibiscus, lemon juice and stevia to boiling water. It turned out too sweet for my taste so I watered it down, and then it was delicious.

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Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co., New York

Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Co. NYC

My friend Mikayla brought Kiyo and me to brunch this summer at Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, the restaurant is puzzlingly small but has a cozy diner atmosphere. Obviously, they make great food! Mikayla had a crab cake Benedict, which was huge! Served with tomato and spinach on a biscuit, this looked awesome and tasted good too (according to Mikayla – I don’t like crab so I didn’t taste it).


My eggs Benedict with chopped tomatoes and scallions was much smaller; but it came with tons of bacon and I ate it all! I loved that the biscuit was grilled to give it a little crunch.


Kiyo downed his grilled chicken sandwich, with avocado, french fries and coleslaw, in record time, so he obviously had no complaints! The bread was really soft and fresh (I stole a bite!)

Clinton St. Baking Company

Address: 4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 Phone: (646) 602-6263

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Dinners at Maggie’s House, North Stonington

homecooked dinners at Maggie's CT

This summer, I lived with Maggie and her parents at their home in North Stonington, Connecticut, while the two of us were in Yoga Teacher Training. Maggie’s mom cooked us so many delicious, homemade dinners! Above is a dish Maggie, Chelsea and I made: pesto pasta made with fresh basil from the garden. We also made a version of the pesto with avocado, which was really good.


We had a salad along with the pesto pasta.


Another night we grilled burgers; Maggie’s family only uses the grill (no stove or oven) during the summer.


One night we helped Maggie’s mom make an amazing pasta salad with fresh herbs, zucchini and yellow squash from the garden, as well as ham, peppers, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.




Maggie’s mom made us lots of great salads; here’s a cobb salad.

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