“For Is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?”

-Michael Pollan (1955-), American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism

I am currently reading his book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation (which is where I found this quote).

Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu

Spam macadamia nuts

Found in the grocery store here in Honolulu: spam macadamia nuts. Oh-so-Hawaii and oh-so-wtf? How is this a “classic flavor”?

Lunch at Little Uncle, Seattle

lunch at Little Uncle Seattle

Kiyo’s cousins own my favorite restaurant I’ve been to in Seattle: Little Uncle. To be fair, I haven’t been to too many restaurants in Seattle since when I’ve gone, it’s always been to visit friends or Kiyo’s family, which translates to lots of time spent in people’s homes, not out. But, this Thai restaurant is just so freaking delicious that I don’t think many others could compare.


The original Little Uncle, open for lunch and dinner, is in Capitol Hill. Little Uncle Pioneer Square, the one I’ve been to twice, is the second incarnation of PK and Wiley Frank’s interpretation of Thai cuisine. PK is from Thailand, and after she met Wiley in Seattle they went back to Thailand for a few years. Luckily for the hungry people of Seattle, they came back. They say they cook food that they like to eat.


The Little Uncle menu is inspired by the indigenous dishes made in the street side stalls and family-run shophouse restaurants of Thailand. The Little Uncle version of pad Thai is by far the best I’ve had in the US. Simple, vegetarian, and gluten-free, it is made with rice noodles, organic eggs, tofu, tamarind, peanuts, garlic chives and bean sprouts. Little paper bags filled with peanuts, chili flakes and sugar come with the dish. I know it sounds weird, but these toppings work so well on the noodles. The sugar is counterintuitive at first, but it makes sense with the salty, bitter and savory elements of the dish.


Kiyo and I also ordered the poached chicken with garlic and chicken fat rice, winter melon broth, and spicy soy-ginger sauce. This dish was also simple and superb, but the pad Thai was just so delicious that it definitely stole the show. I loved though how all the different elements of this dish worked together, and the chicken fat garlic rice made you never want to go back to plain rice again. The sauce was sticky and sweet, perfect with the salt and fat of the chicken, rice and broth.


We were stuffed, but they gave us an order of roti stuffed with curried beef, served with spicy cucumber vinegar. These were soft with a crunchy exterior, and full of flavor.

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“Cooking – of whatever kind, everyday or extreme – situates us in the world in a very special place, facing the natural world on one side and the social world on the other. The cook stands squarely between nature and culture, conducting a process of translation and negotiation. Both nature and culture are transformed by the work. And in the process, I discovered, so is the cook.”

-Michael Pollan  (1955-), American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism

I am currently reading his book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation (which is where I found this quote).

What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

FullSizeRender (12)

This WIAW is jam-packed full of food and physical activity. When I’m physically active, I become ridiculously hungry and also need a large amount of sleep. Here’s what one of my active days recently looked like.

8:00 AM: Breakfast

I had an iced coffee with stevia and a smoothie (nettle leaf iced tea, tart cherry juice, lemon juice, acai powder, green super food powder, ice, chia seeds).

FullSizeRender (13)

9:00 AM: Yoga

I taught a Morning Flow yoga class at Yogaloha (if you’d like to come to one of my classes check the October schedule here). It was my first time teaching this class and I loved it!

10:30 AM: More Yoga!

I took the next class, which was CORE Yoga. Since the Morning Flow class was small, I practiced along while I taught; so after this second class my muscles were starting to feel sore and I was starving!

FullSizeRender (15)

12 Noon: Snack

I wanted to cook for lunch, so first I quickly peeled and ate an organic carrot to stave off that hangry feeling.

FullSizeRender (14)

We’ve eaten so many fresh, local veggies lately thanks to our Ma’o Organic Farms box. I promise to write a full post about it soon! We got a ton of dandelion greens this week, so I chopped up a whole head for lunch.


I sautéed the greens with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, black pepper and Maui onion salt.

WIAW honolulu

12:30 PM: Lunch

We had some leftover foccacia bread, so I toasted that up with butter. I scrambled the greens with three eggs with half a cup of cottage cheese. I know that might sound strange, but honestly it just mixes in with the eggs and you can’t even tell the cheese is in there. Kiyo hates cottage cheese and he didn’t even realize I’d fed it to him! Cottage cheese is great to add to your diet because it has probiotics and is super low in fat and sugar, and high in protein. I ate my eggs with mayonnaise and ketchup (yes, both, it is delicious!).

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