Brunch at Locale, Astoria

brunch at Locale Astoria

I’ve shared a post from Locale once before (read it here) but here’s a more in-depth look at their brunch.


Locale is an easy-to-like, modern bistro in Astoria, American with Italian influences.


I ordered my brunch favorite: eggs Benedict. They were good, standard and nothing special but nothing to dislike. I am not a fan of Canadian bacon, so I got a sausage patty on the side instead…


which you can see in the background of this picture of my mom’s baby spinach and goat cheese omelette. I like that the egg dishes are served with a simple, fresh green salad.

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Friendsgiving, Astoria

eyechow Friendsgiving

Is anyone getting excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am!


This year we have friends visiting us in Hawaii, which is so fun. It’s the guy on the very right and his girlfriend. Two years ago, Kiyo and I decided to have a bunch of friends over in Astoria (Queens, NY) for “Friendsgiving,” and for some reason they all decided to wear the same outfit… it was weird but also hilarious.


Kiyo did most of the cooking, I’ll admit it. He made us an appetizer to munch on while he finished cooking: rosemary foccacia bread – yep, made from scratch!


I spread it with fig and honey jam…


and topped it with bacon and brie cheese, which we melted.


Oh man, it was GOOD!

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Lunch at Milagro Cafe, Stonington

Mexican restaurant Stonington Borough

One day this summer we got out of yoga teacher training early, and Kiyo was visiting us in Connecticut from New York City, so a bunch of us went out for lunch at Milagro Cafe in the cute little town of Stonington. My favorite thing about the restaurant is how they serve their margaritas (which come in endless, unique flavors). As you can see, everyone has a different, but equally fun, glass. The extra margarita is served with your glass, in a little plastic Kahlua bottle, like how you get your extra milkshake on the side in a diner. The glasses just gave the restaurant and the beverages so much personality and made the experience more fun; as did tasting strange flavors (I had a cinnamon apple margarita, which was actually pretty good!).


Everyone enjoyed their food. I had a spice-rubbed chicken sandwich (with salsa and guacamole) with fries on the side (also sprinkled with spices). It was heavy overall with the fries but still really delicious!


Milagro Cafe

Location: 142 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378 Phone: (860) 535-8178

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What I Ate Wednesday: Honolulu

Here are a few meals from different days recently…

WIAW Honolulu

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee.


Lunch: lemongrass chicken banh mi from Ba-Le.


Dinner: homemade pizza! Kiyo made the crust and I topped it off: half homemade basil pesto, half tomato sauce, topped with goat cheese and arugula.

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